魔神が身近になりました — Home_Party?
The Magic God is Now Nearby — Home_Party?
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In the aftermath of the blast caused by the impact of the Arrowhead Comet triggered by the Magic God High Priest, the windows in Kamijou's apartment unit are shattered, and Touma is forced to brave the cold of winter while being confronted by Index and Othinus about bringing in another freeloader into his house. This newest addition to the apartment unit is none other than the Magic God Nephthys, who shipped herself in a box earlier.

Nephthys warns Touma of Kamisato Kakeru's presence as a threat to Othinus' safety, but Index overcomes this as the issue of food supplies becomes apparent now that there is one more mouth to feed. Touma then suggests making a hotpot to maximize their food supply and to warm themselves for the night. However, with Index consuming much of the three days' worth of food in the fridge, Touma is forced to deal with a hotpot made of soy sauce and miso.


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Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Touma made references to typical role-playing game mechanics when he mentioned save points and "a night at the inn". Save points are locations where a player's progress in a game can be saved, and spending a night at an inn is a widely known example of a save point in RPGs.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit


  • Index: "What’s going to happen to our food if you keep bringing in new freeloaders!? What about tonight’s dinner for example!? I’m not gonna let you take a piece of food away from everyone else to feed the new girrrrrrrrrrlllllllll!!"
  • Touma: "Listen, Index. When things get tough, we just have to rely on the tried-and-true hotpot. The cost per person drops the more people you have and it facilitates conversation since everyone eats from the same pot! I don’t know what brought Nephthys here, but it’s obvious ignoring it would be a bad idea. Besides, I’m about to freeze here! Why did the window have to break during December!? Just how much of a pain in the ass are you, High Priest!? So let’s do this! Let’s gather everything we’ve got to make some random hotpot!!"


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