Chapter 2
平穏、あるいは巣を張る罠 Board_Game.
Peace, or A Trap Laid — Board_Game.
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  • The out of season stuffed mascots in the crane game include:[1]
    • Lunar Zit-kun (月面ニキビ君 Getsumen Nikibi-kun?): The round mascot for a Lunar Development Forum (月面開発フォーラム Getsumen Kaihatsu Fōramu?) held half a year ago, which apparently had a major actor present to promote a movie set on a space station, and Asuka's target.[1]
    • Soapy Sukebe-Isu-chan (あわあわスケ○イスちゃん?): The mascot of Japan’s Proud Sex Industry Exhibition (日本が誇る世界の大風俗展 Nihon ga Hokoru Sekai no Dai Fūzoku-ten?), the most recent one having been held at the end of October (leading Touma to wonder what Japan was doing while some were facing World War III).[1]
    • Sticky Higozuiki-chan (ねとねとヒゴ○イキちゃん?): A doll resembling a dried-up banana and described as a sexual harassment doll.[1]
    • Mast-kun (マスト君 Masuto-kun?): The official mascot two world cups previously, described as twisted and giraffe-like.[1]
    • A car with a human face left over from a motor show.[1]


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