コインの裏の裏 Rock_on_Right_Arm.
The Reverse Reverse Side of the Coin — Rock_on_Right_Arm.
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On December 3, a group of Magic Gods, including one called High Priest, attacked Academy City with the intention of finding their target, Kamijou Touma, whom they want to serve as their "scorer" in exchange for being granted their powers as a Magic God. Touma rejected the offer, causing a dangerous pursuit across the city; in the chase, Misaka Mikoto realizes that she is a burden to him. Ultimately, the High Priest is launched into the sky with a mass driver and later killed by Kihara Noukan using the Anti-Art Attachment.

Meanwhile, the remaining Magic Gods that are not involved with High Priest's attack were killed one by one by a "normal high school student" named Kamisato Kakeru, who also has a supernatural right hand called World Rejecter. One of High Priest's companions, the fellow Magic God Niang-Niang, was slain by Kamisato, while another named Nephthys, barely escaped to Touma's apartment unit. Touma and Kakeru eventually meet, but the inevitable clash for the sake of Othinus's fate is interrupted when two mysterious creatures, one red and the other black, begin fighting in their battlefield. These creatures, which drag the sisters Leivinia and Patricia Birdway into their fight, force Touma and Kakeru to deal with them while saving the girls in the process.

After the rescue of the Birdway sisters, Touma and Kakeru finally meet to test which of their right hands would stand victorious in a direct clash. In the end, Kakeru won when he sent Touma's right hand "somewhere else". But, an exhausted Touma soon realizes that his hand is intact, and the blood he spilt during the fight is mixed with Kamisato's, who was also injured after being confronted by the same mysterious thing that Othinus crushed some time ago in Baggage City. Touma begins to accept the fact that he drove off Kakeru, but it did not answer what exactly happened nor whether the thing that attacked Kakeru was the same thing that he saw before.


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