水着で始める学校籠城 — Melt_the_Asphalt.
Holing Up at School, Starting with Swimsuits — Melt_the_Asphalt.
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Touma faces a Class 1 Element

On December 7th, Academy City has been hit by an abnormal, intense heat wave with temperatures exceeding 55 degrees Celsius, bringing the city's infrastructure to a standstill. In the middle of this scorching hell, Kamijou Touma and his classmates, all forced into swimsuits by the heat, move between the rooftops carrying containers with water for their school. As they head back to the school, one of the tightropes they are using fails, causing Touma and Fukiyose to fall down to ground level. They then come under attack from an Element, one of the creatures which have infested the city. Touma manages to fend off the Element's flame attack and with Aogami's group pelting it with blocks and bricks, tries to neutralize it so they can escape, but is struck down by another camouflaged Element. As events afterwards become distant and disjointed, Touma wonders if he is recalling his most recent memories as his life flashes before his eyes.

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Around the start of the incident, Hamazura Shiage goes out for an early morning jog which is cut short by the heat. After a brief chat with an old dog walker he sometimes runs into, he ends up running for his life from Elements emerging from the underground and a fleeing crowd.


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