New Testament Volume 19 Chapter 1
Lの冠を頭に戴く小さな輝き — Lost_Princess.
A Small Light Beginning with an L — Lost_Princess.
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New CharactersEdit





  • The mysterious army sweeping across foreign countries reported on the news refers to the billion or so alternative Aleister Crowleys which had been bound to Aleister's body but diffused and attacked the British Commonwealth following Coronzon's attack on Aleister.[1][2]
  • The microwave attack heat wave which occurred several days previously is referenced,[3] which has taken out Touma's phone and the microchip which Shiage used to contain the Parameter List data,[4][1] which he had obtained after World War III as a bargaining chip to allow him and ITEM to live without being targeted by the dark side of Academy City.[5][4]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Several of Kamachi Kazuma's other series are referenced during the chapter:
    • The online game which Hattori Hanzou is playing, with the old-bearded geezer and Thousand Dragon, is likely a reference to The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman.[6]
    • When Shiage uses the payphone, the screen displays a deformed pixel art Brother Santa being chased by Queen Reindeer near the paid amount and being caught when it runs out, a reference to The Unexplored Summon://Blood Sign.[6]
    • One of an electronic store's top products is mentioned to be an action game where the player controls a small boy to manipulate Waltraute, 4th of the nine Valkyrie sisters, a reference to The Circumstances of Waltraute's Marriage.[7]
    • One of the fighting games at the arcade where Accelerator and Mina go is said to be a Youkai battle game, where a Zashiki Warashi, Yuki Onna and other characters fight one another (either by punching or grabbing the other's hair), a reference to The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village.[8]
    • A recruitment poster in the District 7 Central Anti-Skill Station is mentioned to be a likely anime/manga collaboration, with teenage soldiers in front of a 50m colossal weapon, a reference to Heavy Object.[9]
  • Shiage compares the step-based way of performing techniques with the Processor Suit to inputting a command in a fighting game, and after being smashed through a water tank after being struck by Accelerator, it is mentioned the effect seemed like it would fit in one.[10][6]
  • The Anti-Skill officer conducting Shiage's interrogation refers to Ishikawa Goemon and Nezumi Kozou, two legendary thieves in Japanese folklore.[9]

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What happened to the other members of Touma's group after their separation?[1]


  • Coronzon: “Whatever happens to the British Commonwealth, the leader of the science side, Academy City, belongs to me. So I will make my comeback from there. Aleister might have the upper hand at the moment, but this is him we’re talking about: he’s sure to fail somewhere along the line. My toys belong to me, so I choose where to light the fuse and let them burn.”[11]


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