New Testament Volume 19 Chapter 2
目を覚ます獣, 鋼の街を行く — X=Scarlet.
An Awakening Beast Visits a City of Steel — X=Scarlet.
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  • When discussing the computer virus she created as insurance, Aleister refers to the cyber attacks that Misaka Mikoto carried out against the facilities involved in the Level 6 Shift Project, which would pale in comparison.[1][2][3]
  • The convenience store manager who feeds Mina is a collaborator in the child protection monitoring network which Kihara Kagun had set up and Kihara Noukan observed after his death.[4][5] While talking with him about Kagun, Mina refers to the events in Baggage City and Tokyo.[5][6][7]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • A couple of Kamachi Kazuma's other series are referenced during the chapter, namely the Simple and Killer series.[8][9]
    • While Touma is walking through the city with Aleister, it is noted that a bunny girl gathering participants for a sketchy survey or monitoring is mixed in with the part-time Santa cosplayers, a reference to A Simple Survey and A Simple Monitoring.[8]
    • Shiage goes through an area plastered with identical posters due to being used as the location for a web-broadcast drama (the release for which having been delayed due to the heat wave), apparently involving Killer Demons attacking each other with their own killing methods, a reference to Killer Princess and Deep End and Killer Device and Never End.[8]
  • Aleister refers to Victor Neuburg, an apprentice who acted as a breaker during the Coronzon summoning in 1909, who was also associated with Aleister Crowley and the Coronzon incident in real-life.[10]
  • When talking about Kagun, the convenience store manager refers to the story of The Happy Prince.[5]

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What material is Lilith's tag made out of?[11]


  • Mina Mathers (to the convenience store manager): “Kihara Kagun was a dangerous irregularity that greatly strayed from our plan, but that was why I monitored him as a top-priority threat. First the battle against Kihara Byouri in Baggage City and then the largescale raid to rescue the civilians in this nation’s capital of Tokyo. It would be easy to sum up his end in a single word, but I am not crass enough to do so. Instead, I will leave you with this: You said there was nothing in Kihara Kagun, but how was that greatest and worst of Kiharas able to keep the fire of revenge blazing so brightly for so long? That would be a testament to how happy his life had been. Even if that had already been taken from him, its value cannot be denied. Not by anyone.”[5]
  • Aiwass: “I am a Holy Guardian Angel that throws in a crystal of knowledge to watch the ripples spread and bring revolution to the world. Do I look like I would have any love for that worthless ocean you call logic and efficiency?”[12]


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