New Testament Volume 19 Chapter 4
理をねじ曲げる覚悟はあるか — Human.
Are you Prepared to Distort the Laws of the World? — Human.
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  • Index's John's Pen Mode is activated for the first time in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index.[1] Index also memorizes her 103,001st grimoire.[2]


  • The earlier attempt by Karasuma Fran and Tsuchimikado Motoharu to escape over the city wall is referenced with regards to some of Fran's actions under Coronzon's control.[3][4] This includes her choice of Shiage as the decoy, whom the group had passed on the bus as he was helping to install ATMs,[3] and the retrieval team outside the city,[3][5] whom Aleister guesses were likely Kanzaki Kaori and the Amakusas,[4] through which Coronzon snuck its primary avatar Lola into the city and then the Windowless Building.[5]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • When explaining the Mimetic Predator, Aleister refers to his Loch Ness experiment and the Loch Ness Monster, the story of which apparently arose due to sightings of a few half-formed spirits that welled up on their own as a side-effect of the experiment.[4]
  • Aleister refers to the demon's method of strengthening its avatar as being like an instant version of a Shakti master.[6]
  • In describing Aleister's use of Spiritual Tripping, the narrative compares it to the Japanese urban legend 'Purple Mirror' (紫の鏡 Murasaki no Kagami?), involving a cursed phrase which will kill a person if they remember it until they reach 20. Just like how someone may try to forget the phrase and end up only focusing on it more, the target may try picturing another image to avoid picturing the implanted one but end up narrowing it down and being unable to escape.[7]
  • Aiwass refers to Urashima Taro just before Coronzon unknowingly enters the New World.[8]

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • With the controller burnt out, is Index's John's Pen Mode completely disabled?[1][2]


  • Mina Mathers (passing on Aiwass' message to Aleister): “I have an oracle from the higher being that sent this grimoire into the world. No matter what kind of human you are, you must never stop working toward being happy. You did well enduring those hard times. You were all alone, clenching your teeth, and misunderstood by all, but you continued searching blindly through that unreasonable darkness. So Aiwass shall turn it all around. He promises you he will provide a blessing worthy of the many years of pain and shed blood, sweat, and tears you carry, so prepare yourself. And I would like to add a message of my own. Do not fear and run from being happy, Aleister Crowley.”[2]
  • Coronzon: "My numerical value is 333 and my nature is dispersion. I prevent the true bonding of all the world’s laws and I bring endless chaos and destruction. My name is Coronzon. Now learn firsthand just what that name means!!"[8]


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