Chapter 1
狂乱 – Welcome_to_GD_Paradise!!
Frenzy – Welcome_to_GD_Paradise!!
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Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Annie Horniman, while referring to Westcott's profession as a coroner and his knowledge of dissection, alludes to a theory that Jack the Ripper was not caught because he was part of the police - a theory which Westcott isn't amused by.[3]
  • When Aleister mentions having been (or thought to have been) an agent for MI5, Kamijou Touma is reminded of 'that handsome spy who travels the world in a black tuxedo' - a reference to James Bond.[4]
  • Aleister compares the way in which he tricked Waite into believing he had decapitated her, by providing hints of information to guide him into seeing what he wanted to see, to a Rorschach test.[5]
  • The Lady of the Masquerade Ball's use of Taphthartharath is likely derived from a ritual to invoke the entity which was first attempted in 1896, led by Florence Farr (whom the Lady most likely is), together with Frederick Leigh Gardner, Charles Rosher and Allan Bennett.[6]

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Was Aleister really an MI5 agent?


  • Mathers: "Let us end this quickly, my hounds. You drive them out and I will hunt them down."


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