Chapter 3
ハイウェイ・ロックオン – Speed_Freaks.
Highway Lock On – Speed_Freaks.
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Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • When describing how movement was a symbol of the area one controls and the knowledge they have obtained, aside from flight, the legends of parting the sea, passing through a jail cell's door or bars, and staring at a tattva card to achieve astral projection, are given as examples. The former is most likely referring to Moses' parting of the Red Sea.[11]
  • The magical attack on Dion Fortune by Mina Mathers in the form of cats, is derived from allegations made by the real-life Dion Fortune against Moina Mathers when the two came into conflict and the latter expelled the former from the Alpha et Omega.[5]
  • Touma calls Mathers a Coelacanth, a fish long considered to be a "living fossil".[12]
  • When faced with Gardner's Symbol of Mercury, the female knight briefly mentions a similar yet different symbol, the Cup of Stolistes.[13]
  • When Mathers invokes Belzébuth, the narration mentions "a sixteenth century demon researcher" that placed him as the ruler of hell when he is usually seen as the #2. It might be a reference to Dutch occultist Johann Weyer, who wrote that Beelzebub led a successful revolt against Satan himself.[14]
  • While in the church, the story of the Three Little Pigs is referred to with regards to Aleister's situation and feelings in the past.[15]
  • The incident where a fraudster posed as Anna Sprengel is an event which occurred both in the Toaru series and in real life.[16] In real life, Swami Laura Horos managed to briefly convince Mathers that she was Anna Sprengel and stole Golden Dawn material which she used in a scam, for which she was arrested. This event was another factor in the Golden Dawn's collapse.
  • The other name mentioned alongside Belzébuth with regards to the Madame Horos incident, is derived from syncretism of Greek monster Typhon and Egyptian god Set.[16]

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Are Coronzon's claims of possessing Aleister's second daughter Lola genuine?[8]
  • What role does the Madame Horos incident play in these events?[16]


  • Mathers: "Let the foxhunt begin."