こんな結末許せるか – Go_for_Broke!!
I Can’t Let It End Like This – Go_for_Broke!!
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Cultural References

Unanswered Questions

  • When and where does Misaki recognize Aleister's rejection from?


  • Kamijou Touma: "I will smash that nonsensical illusion to pieces!!!!!!" (towards Coronzon, in response to her cruelty and mockery of Aleister, prompted by Shokuhou Misaki's question of what he was going to do)
  • Accelerator: "I don’t really get all this about a Great Demon or Coronzon or whatever, but I won’t let her interfere now. It’s up to me to decide what you do and what kind of ending you get. It’s all up to me. Listen, I won’t let anyone waste you on some meaningless cruelty. I’ll use every bit of your life for something useful. I don’t care what kind of life and death is appropriately ‘demonic’. Whether you end up smiling in the sunny side of the world, end up living in peace for a hundred years to come, or end up surrounded by tons of friends is all for me to decide! So don’t question my decisions!! You’re an artificial being? I don’t care. You were born, so you should enjoy your life. Got that, Qliphah Puzzle 545!?" (to Qliphah Puzzle 545)
  • Hamazura Shiage: "I'll do it. I will take back Dion Fortune. No matter what it takes!!" (in response to the reproduced Dion Fortune's disappearance)


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