あるいは多くの傷を負いながら永き道のりを歩き通した末一人の男の人生に終止符が打たれるまでの物語 - (Untitled)
A Man’s Life Comes to an End After Receiving Countless Wounds Over the Course of a Long Journey – (Untitled)
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  • The summoning experiment which Aleister performed in 1909 with Victor Neuburg, in which he first encountered Coronzon, is referenced to again,[1][2][3] with it being revealed that although it was halted due to Coronzon's refusal to obey, the contract wasn't actually annulled - one of the factors which led to Aleister ending up in control of Coronzon's physical body after her own body expired.

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  • Coronzon's situation following her defeat, being left as just a face on the now-short hair of her physical vessel, with Aleister now in control of the body, was compared to that of a Futakuchi-Onna (meaning 'two-mouthed woman'), a female humanoid youkai with a second mouth on the back of her head beneath her hair.
  • The grimoire written by Israel Regardie in which the Black Egg used by Aiwass and Anna Sprengel for invisibility is mentioned is most likely The Golden Dawn: A Complete Course in Practical Ceremonial Magic.[4]

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  • Aleister Crowley: "I used my life for my own purposes, so I will give you the other methods. You may be able to fulfill your desire for vengeance using this...If you hate the adults, then take control yourself. I leave you with the full authority of board chairman. Create the kind of Academy City where everyone remaining can smile together." (final words to Accelerator)
  • Anna Sprengel: "Good morning, Imagine Breaker...and the One who Purifies God and Slays Demons. What does the world look like to the two of you?" (observing the developing situation involving Kamijou Touma)


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