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Shiokishi (潮岸?) is one of the twelve people on Academy City's Board of Directors, in charge of all military aspects such as defense and R&D of military technology. He always wears an HsPS-15 Powered Suit, not because he is paranoid about attacks on him but he can't be at ease without it.


Shiokishi usually wears an HsPS-15 Powered Suit 24 hours a day.[2][3] Underneath his powered suit, he is just an old man wearing a tuxedo outfit.[4][5]


He is by far the most eccentric of people, he has invested heavily in his own protection as he considers "safety" a luxury and a key to make to him think more clearly.[6] He is so paranoid and neurotic that he is always in a powered suit,[2][3] has created a stronghold to hold off espers or nukes,[6] and has two bodyguard factions that are set to kill each other under specific circumstances.[4]


Not much is known about Shiokishi's history other than eventually becoming a director and being involved with much of Academy City's Dark Side. He frequently clashes with Oyafune Monaka to the point where he hates her so much to threaten her daughter, Oyafune Suama, to silence her actions. He is in charge of the military export affairs in Academy City.[7]


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He first appeared to GROUP in their RV via live feed to direct them in finishing off the survivors of the Spark Signal incident. During the conversation between the two, Tsuchimikado Motoharu commented that Shiokishi contacting them directly, instead of using the "voice on the phone", was quite rare.[2][8]

The meeting between Shiokishi and Oyafune

Following the GROUP's mission, he attempted to eliminate them due to their investigation of DRAGON.[3] He was countered by the efforts of GROUP and Oyafune Monaka, who invoked the directors' observation system against him and used her previous preparations to trap him politically, forcing him to face her directly.[6][4][5]

Negotiations break down.

Meeting with Oyafune, he refused to divulge anything about DRAGON, stating that it was something which shouldn't come to light and that his actions were necessary to protect the city. Seeing that negotiations had broken down, he attempted to kill Oyafune, but his Powered Suit was halted and disassembled by the Spear of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli as 'Oyafune' was revealed to be Etzali in disguise. Threatened, he called for Minobe and attempted to escape as the two guards came in, but was shocked to find the rest of the guards dead. He was then stabbed by an obsidian knife as Tecpatl and Tochtli revealed themselves.[4][5]

Accelerator questioning Shiokishi about DRAGON.

After GROUP had dealt with both Sugitani and the infiltrating Aztecs, they confronted Shiokishi and threatened him to reveal DRAGON's identity. Shiokishi said that it was something he wished he never knew of its existence, but as the one in charge of defending Academy City against the 'outside' he needed to know. Stating that DRAGON was elsewhere and was behind GROUP right now, Shiokishi was then surprised to see that the figure who had manifested behind them and knocked out the others besides Accelerator, was not Fuse Kazakiri. After receiving a short response from the manifested Aiwass, the true identity of DRAGON, Shiokishi lost consciousness due to blood loss,[9][10] and it is unknown whether he is dead or alive after that.

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Kamijou Arc

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During the board meeting following the recovery of Academy City and reports of Aleister's death, Shiokishi was referred to as an example of the board members who have been lost.[1]

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