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Shirakinu Honoka (白絹仄火 Shirakinu Honoka?) is a character introduced in the flashback chapter of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.


She has short black hair which matches her tomboyish personality.


As the second eldest girl in the orphanage next to Aohoshi, Honoka before Aohoshi left takes responsibility for the younger Child Errors getting into fights for them. She is a tomboy and has a very rude way speaking which Kimi copies, much to Aohoshi's chagrin. She later becomes more responsible after Aohoshi left, taking care of the younger Child Errors in the orphanage.

When Honoka and her friends were sent to the "power-boosting" facility, Honoka's personality became more temperamental due to the meddling of her brain by the researchers, her diminishing ability not helping.[2]


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Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Jailbreaker ArcEdit

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She had a level 2 Pyrokinesis ability. When she and her group of friends where sent to a "power boostng lab" to be experimented on, her ability was deliberately diminished thanks to the researchers' meddling of her brain. In less than 2 years her ability became a Level 1.


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