Shundou Toshizou (蠢動俊三 Shundō Toshizō?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. He was the man behind Clone Dolly's 3rd laboratory Ideal,[1] who later transferred his mind to that of a killer whale after getting caught in an explosion.[2]

He made several attempts to gain Shokuhou Misaki's Mental Out,[2][1] through manipulating the Exterior Project researchers,[1] Deadlock and Mitsuari Ayu,[2] ultimately paying for it by being killed by Kihara Noukan.[2]


He was a middle aged man prior to the explosion that destroyed his human body and forced him to transfer his mind into that of a killer whale.[2][1] He had light-colored short, wavy hair and thick dark eyebrows. He wore a vantablack shirt and a tie made from real albino snake skin, under a white lab coat. He also wore dark trousers.[1]


He has a callous disregard for human life, willingly arming disgruntled espers with the Queen Diver just so he can get Misaki's data on Mental Out, even if it means sacrificing her.[2]

He is also willing to transfer his mind to a non-human body if it means he can continue his research.[2]


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Clone Dolly Ideal

He was the representative for a group of researchers that wanted to create a working FIVE_Over Modelcase_"MENTAL_OUT". The summer of the previous year of the timeline, he would later make contact with Deadlock and provide them with the Queen Diver, knowing full well that Misaki would try to use her powers on them. This in in the hopes of getting data regarding Mental Out when Misaki uses her powers on a Queen Diver user as its helmet has a program that collects data and sends it back to the researchers.[3]

Their effort would later be in vain however as the as the information failed to produce a working FIVE_Over. Later, Toshizou and the others would later get caught in a highly unusual accidental explosion, prematurely halting Toshizou's goal of acquiring Mental Out.[3] By how Kihara Noukan refers to the incident, it is likely that the explosion was a deliberate attempt to kill Toshizou and the others after ignoring what Noukan refers to as "their" plans, likely the Kiharas' plans.[2]

Regardless, Toshizou survives and is able to gather fragments of his brain, making several sacrifices in order to get the perfect animal that had a brain that would accept his. In the end, he is able to settle on a killer whale not only for anatomical reasons but for his personal preferences as well.[2]

In the body of a killer whale, Toshizou would later come upon Mitsuari Ayu. Seeing that she may be some of use, manipulates her without her noticing for the the purpose of finally stealing Mental Out for himself and finally completing the FIVE_Over.[2] It is likely that much of the equipment that Ayu acquired came from him.


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Mental Out Arc

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Toshizou is in the Celestaquarium, where he is visited by Kihara Noukan shortly after the failure of Mitsuari Ayu to obtain Mental Out from Shokuhou Misaki. Seeing a Kihara before him, Toshizou laments on how Ayu has been captured and thought that she could've been more useful. Noukan asks how many sacrifices it took for him to reach his current brain, to which Toshizou states that it was quite a few, though he settled with a killer whale due to anatomical reasons and personal preferences. Noukan references how Toshizou is the one who tracked down Deadlock and lent them Queen Diver to steal Mental Out from Shokuhou Misaki, though is surprised to find him alive and as a monster after believing him to have died in an explosion. Toshizou notes that Noukan is more of a monster as he based his brain purely on the expansion of dog's brain and had it's lifespan to 80 years. Noukan accuses Toshizou for the one behind Ayu's actions, manipulating her without her even noticing it.[2]

Toshizou mocks Noukan and then summons Molar Tooth, large floating spheres that can block tank shells. With 30 of them, Toshizou brags to Noukan, mocking his canine form. Despite this, Noukan remains silent as Toshizou rants on how now he has to abandon his killer whale body and transfer his brain to a new body. He says that if he kills him then no one in Academy City can catch him. Noukan finally speaks, mocking his attempts and says that he was a little hopeful when he chose his equipment but says it backfired on him. With that, the water tank suddenly shatters. Toshizou however is shocked because the seawater is flowing away from him due to the hole in the outer wall. Toshizou asks Noukan if he fired from the outside of the building, but before he can answer the containers for Noukan's Anti-Art Attachment arrive and destroys the Molar Tooth. The containers then open and all its part come out and surround Noukan while floating. As he lights a cigar to smoke, Tohizou questions how the water flows around him in a perfect circle. Noukan answers it is because he is like Rensa, whose role is to crush the seven Level 5s, and his role is to target beings such as Ladylee Tangleroad, Fräulein Kreutune, and Codename Dragon. This confuses Toshizou, but Noukan simply states that he deals with things that are beyond the realm that people like him could comprehend, though says that crushing him is an odd job. With that, Noukan expands this circle and removes all the water that Toshizou is floating on. He then uses the weapons of his Anti-Art Attachment Powered Suit to kill Toshizou.[2]


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