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Shutaura Sequenzia (シャットアウラ=セクウェンツィア Shattoaura Sekuwentsia?) is an original character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion. Under the orders of Ladylee Tangleroad, who was given power by Academy City's Board of Directors, she responds to the need to protect a Level 0 named Meigo Arisa from Stiyl Magnus and the rest of the magic side's attacks. She is one of the main characters in the movie, and her character arc and struggles with her past drives the story towards its climax.


Shutaura is a girl with a rather slim physique, long straight black hair, and black eyes. She is often seen wearing the uniform of the Black Crow Unit, which is a tight-fitting bodysuit with gray, white and red details.


Shutaura is a very serious person who rarely shows emotion, though she often lets her anger get the better of her. She is very practical and rather ruthless, using her powers and gadgets to accomplish a mission and going out of her way to try and kill Ladylee when she discovered she was the one responsible for the death of her father. Despite this ruthless attitude, she also has a strong sense of duty to protect the city, a trait that has charmed the members of the Black Crows to become loyal to her despite being hired by Ladylee.

Shutaura is tone deaf; as a result of the Orion incident, she has lost the ability to recognize music, with her brain being unable to recognize rhythms or changes in pitch. To her, music is nothing more than noise assaulting her ears.

Of course, Shutaura's most defining trait is her stubborn denial of the possibility of miracles. In the Orion incident, her father was the only person who was killed but, since his death was not discovered until later, nor was it ever made public, it was believed that everyone survived, which people called a miracle. As a result of this, Shutaura refuses to believe in miracles, to the point of lashing out at anyone who even mentions the word "miracle". She even goes so far as to say that people who believe in miracles are naive idiots who can't face reality. However, Touma points out that it's actually her who can't face reality, and that refusing to acknowledge the Orion incident as a miracle is an insult to her father's heroic sacrifice. This and Shutaura remembering the truth behind her father's death is what ultimately dissolves her cynicism.


Three years prior to the start of the series, Shutaura is one of the 88 passengers and crew of the Spaceplane Orion on its commemorative test flight. She is also the daughter of its pilot, Daedalus Sequenzia. She receives a novelty souvenir for the event, a blue Orion (constellation) bracelet.[2] However, when they were in space, Ladylee Tangleroad has the left wing engine catch fire in a sabotage, as another of her attempts to kill herself. Losing control, Daedalus Sequenzia and his co-pilot struggle with the spaceplane. Eventually, despair overtook his co-pilot and he runs from the cockpit. And thus, Shutaura Sequenzia made her "wish" there to have a miracle. According to Aleister Crowley Shutaura Sequenzia's "wish" for a miracle to happen on that plane, the Orion Spaceplane, changed her perception, which coincided with everyone else's wishes to be safe, inducing a distortion powerful enough to interfere with the laws of causality.[3]

Shutaura Sequenzia as a young girl inside her father's Orion Spaceplane.

It is unknown how exactly the events after the co-pilot took place. What is known is that Daedalus Sequenzia, did not give up on the plane as it re-entered the atmosphere. Most likely, he attempted to land Orion on Academy City's School District 23. The miracle that happened due to Shutaura's "wish" occurred only after the plane re-entered the atmosphere. It is unknown if the miracle allowed Daedalus a long enough time to make an emergency landing on School District 23, or it was Daedalus' efforts on saving the plane that gave Shutaura's "wish" for a miracle enough time to occur. The latter is backed up by Kamijou Touma's speech to Shutaura, referencing on how it was her father that allowed for the miracle to happen.[3] Regardless, and as if a toll for the miracle, Daedalus died a bloody death, but the spaceplane made a successful landing on School District 23. After the landing, the phenomenon split the girl into two, which is that of Meigo Arisa, and changed the fates of many, but left her unable to hear music. By the time the death of her father was known, the world is rejoicing over the "Miracle 88", as such the existence of the 89th person, Daedalus Sequenzia, was kept secret. This event made Shutaura embittered on the concept of miracles.[3] Shutaura had an Orion bracelet with her during the Miracle 88 which was broken in two, with the other half being taken by Arisa.

Ladylee later took her in and had her become the commander of the Black Crow Unit, and there her subordinates became ever loyal to her as they were "charmed" by her as she protected the city.[4] She is under the employment of Ladylee, officially in protecting the city and as a Civil Affairs Resolution Mediation Unit, though she just uses them as her own private organization and do not always solve problems in Academy City all the time.[4]


Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

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Shutaura inside her mobile weapon.

Shutaura first appears to stand against Stiyl Magnus and his ilk as they try to take Meigo Arisa. Veiled under the stealth of their machines, she and her Black Crows announce their presence to them after attacking, and overwhelm them. Kanzaki Kaori calls for them to retreat and Shutaura tries to do battle with her. Kanzaki uses her Nanasen on it but Shutaura escapes with her machine, making Kanzaki impressed by her skill. Regardless, she and his group make no effort to pursue them, and there Shutaura meets up with Touma. He demands to know who they are, to which the Shutaura says that they are in a special mission to maintain order within Academy City. Touma does understand, as he knows not what it has anything to do with Arisa, and asks if she is an enemy or an ally. Shutaura however, simply warns Touma to stay away from her, for he will surely die if he gets any more involved.[3]

Shutaura returns shortly to her living quarters, and tells Ladylee of the unusual powers of the enemies she had come upon. Ladylee says there are many powers of such nature such as her Earth Palette, though Shutaura corrects her by saying that her power is rare but not unusual. She then asks who Arisa is after going to the trouble of saving Arisa for her, though she replies that she can fight even without knowing. Shutaura then asks if there is something wrong with their connection as she keeps hearing a noise, realizing what she means, Ladylee orders. With that, the conversation ends with Ladylee telling her to continue protecting Arisa. Two days later, Shutaura and her group is forced to guard Arisa as she does a photoshoot with Misaka Mikoto, Uiharu Kazari, and Saten Ruiko. Cloaked in black, her presence is not unnoticed as Touma finds her amongst the crowd. Shutaura then goes down below, and finds a man in a mask and cape there. She comes to ask him wherefore he is there, but receives no reply. The fighting continues, and she is forced to user her explosive machinery. And there was silence, yet it was a mere moment. The man comes out unscathed from out of the smoke and strikes down Shutaura. Just then, a metal pole comes forth and strikes the masked man. It is Touma with a metal pole defending the person he suspected. With his found polearm, Touma occupies the man. Shutaura is confused by his appearance, but there is not a time to mull it over for her subordinate, Crow 7, comes calling. He tells her that several bombs have been planted. Hearing of this surprises both Touma and Shutaura, the latter tells the man on her connection to evacuate everyone. With Touma distracted, the masked man disarms him, and Touma is forced to block an attack from the man. But with a sound of breaking glass, the man's hand is shattered by the mere touch of Touma's right hand. He is of supernatural origin. Touma tries to question him, but the man tries to get away. With the masked man distracted, Shutaura gets the opportunity to use her explosives on him, and he is consumed by a ball of fire though remains unscathed. Still questioning, Touma punches the man in the face, and his masked his broken to reveal his cold gaze. The man staggers, but takes out a trigger. Shouts come from Shuatura, but it is too later, for their sight is torn apart by an explosion.[3]

Shutaura aiding Touma to the outside.

Shutaura is later roused from her unconsciousness, and finds Touma lying upon her chest. She tries to reproach him but discovers that he has been knocked out and bleeding, out of trying to protect her. Shutaura then supports Touma as they walked out of that underground place. As Shutaura hears reports from her subordinate that Arisa is safe and that there were no casualties as Touma wakes up. Touma asks about the explosion and what happened to Arisa and the others, but Shutaura says that everyone is fine. Touma smiles and contentedly says that it is a miracle. Shuatura gnashes her teeth at the word and pushes Touma to the wall, telling him that miracles are just coincidences given value by people. Touma smirks, but asks if she has listened to any of Arisa's songs, as even she may start believing in miracles. However, Shutaura tells Touma that she cannot comprehend music due to a certain accident, despite having her other audio faculties intact. This surprises Touma, and apologizes. Shuatura then introduces herself to him, and then asks why he is apologizing as she is satisfied with who she is. She tells Touma that because of her disability, she will not be led astray by songs or the word miracle. There, the sun shines bright in the afteroon air, as the two finally escape that underground place.[3]

The next evening, Shutaura is with Ladylee in her office during one of Arisa's concerts. Ladylee talks of miracles, to which Shutaura says she doesn't believe in them. Ladylee says that she is boring. She tells her that Orbit Portal's greatest selling point is miracles as it survived due to the Miracle 88. Shutaura shouts that Miracle 88 isn't miracle, but Ladylee corrects her, saying that all the passengers survived so it should be one. Tired of their small debate, Ladylee says that she hired her for her combat ability, and that she won't ask for her beliefs as well. Angered, Shutaura hastily excuses herself.[3]

Shutaura and the Black Crows give chase to Stiyl.

The next night, Shutaura learns of Arisa's abduction from Crow Four by Stiyl and the others again. She then prepares for battle. In her mobile weapon she and his unit catches up to Stiyl in a car in a highway. Stiyl notices them and they prepare for battle. With their cloaks deactivated, the Black Crow's machines make their move. Stiyl orders Marie not to let them pass as he climbs up to the roof of the car to contend against them. Shutaura appears and throws her discs upon the car. They are besotted by explosions, and the car's movements become disturbed. One of them latches on to them with speared wires, but Stiyl forces it off. Marie herself, rams one of them and manages to shake it off. In the tunnel, Jane calls out to Stiyl and takes up his rune cards for him. There, Stiyl summons Innocentius and fells the other Black Crow machines other than Shutaura's for great is her skill and long did she contend against it. The battle comes out of the tunnel and there the fires of Innocentius could not hold. Shutaura strikes the car and it swerves to side, though all the witches and Arisa survive but unconscious. The machine comes up to Stiyl, but Touma just arrives in time to tell to stop. Touma tells Stiyl not to jump to conclusions for no one is sure if Arisa is a Saint as of yet. Stiyl is annoyed, knowing Kanzaki has told Touma of her what she knows. Then, Stiyl tells Touma he has been given new orders, and asks Touma what he thinks that great tower, Endymion, is. Touma naturally replies that it is a space elevator, but Stiyl references several wondrous structures: the Tower of Babel, the Ziggurat of Ur, the Great Wall of China, and the Pyramids of Giza. Stiyl states that architectural structures of unreasonable scale gain magical significance simply by standing, and states that there is someone who tried to use one as a super large-scale magic device by putting a Saint inside it, Arisa. Shutaura meanwhile, listens on to their strange conversation, but is then contacted by Ladylee, stating that Anti-Skill is on the move and that she must leave. With that order, the machine moves and rips apart the metal of the fallen car to take away Arisa. There, she sees something, a blue necklace inside a bag. Laydlee contacts her again, surprised that Shutaura figured it out, but then says that she should bring Arisa to her. Shutaura takes Arisa and Stiyl tries to attack, though she screams to stay back. Touma tries to plead with her, calling her by her name, but she does not heed his words, telling him that her business has nothing to do with him. With that, Shuatura catapults several discs. Seeing the danger, Stiyl tries to go towards the fallen three witches who are still unconscious. Stiyl shouts to Touma to run away, but it is too late, and the skies are lit in flames by Shutauras explosions, the force of which throws Touma to the ground.[3]

Shutaura has Arisa lay down in a large room in a base by Ladylee. There, trying to confirm her suspicions, she discovers that the broken piece of bracelet that Arisa has fitted with hers. Ladylee arrives and mentions on how the both of them were fated to cross paths. She repeats the story of the Miracle of 88, but tells that there was one person who died, and that is Shutaura's father. Ladylee continues by saving that by the time anyone noticed it was already too late, the world rejoiced over the miracle, and the truth behind Shutaura's father was kept hidden. She looks over Arisa, and states in that incident, a girl appeared out of nowhere in the spaceplane and performed a miracle, and refers to Arisa as that girl. Hearing this, Shutaura asks why she still claims it to be a miracle, to which Ladylee says that it is because no one should have survived the accident. Sensing what she is implying, Ladylee interrupts her thoughts, and says that she thought that it would work in outer space, but in the end everyone but Shutaura's father survived. However, Ladylee says that she has at least gotten an interesting by-product of the Miracle of 88. Slowly, Shutaura dawns on her that Ladylee was the one who killed his father, and in anger takes up her blade and stabs a smiling Ladylee. There, Ladylee falls as blood gushes out of her wound. However, she doesn't fall long, and after her automatons arrive, she laughs and sits up, showing to Shutaura that she is still alive. Shutaura is shocked, and is later apprehended by the automatons, one of which she recognizes from the mall that was rigged with bombs. Ladylee asks Shutaura if she is done, and comments on how that her stabbing marks the 18th time she has been stabbed. Shutaura calls her monster, and Ladylee agrees, but says Shutaura is one as well. She says to Shutaura that she will let her live, and that she will enjoy the moment that she will show her a real miracle. Shutaura proclaims that she will stop her no matter what, but Ladylee is not concerned. She orders the automatons to take her away.[3]

Shutaura bound in a dark room after discovering the truth.

Shutaura is later chucked in a dark room in Endymion as Ladylee has the Black Crows seal Endymion for her grand plan. However, their loyalty is not tested, for their quaities are proven true in the end. Crow 7 arrives and springs Shutaura free apologizing for their lateness. There, he reports to Shutaura on Ladylee's whereabouts and status and on how Anti-Skill has already arrived. Shutaura later boards the underground emergency high-speed elevator of the Endymion, intending to do it alone and telling him not to have anyone else come up. Arisa's concert and Ladylee's magic spell begins as Shutaura ascends.

Crow 7 briefs Shutaura on the current events regarding Endymion.

After arriving, she goes to the observation deck and finds Ladylee there. Ladylee tells Shutaura that she is stupid coming here, but is then immediately fired at by Shutaura several times. There, the fateful moment where her life changed forever flashes before her eyes. Still alive despite being shot at multiple times, Ladylee says that she has lived for a millennium and that although her experiment with Orion failed she got an unexpected by-product, Arisa, whom will finally set her free from life using her miraculous powers. She sits up and says that they should all die together, and there the next part of her spell activates. Shutaura tries to shoot at her but is met by the male automaton. For the rest of their fight, Ladylee is too weakened to do anything, and is then sucked out into the vacuum of space after Shutaura destroys part of the ring of the orbital station, making the Endymion in danger of collapse. Shutaura tries uses her wrist wire to grab on a rail to prevent herself from being flung into the vacuum of space.[3]

Shutaura prepares to gun down Ladylee.

She escapes just as Arisa begins to sing anew and Ladylee, who survived the vaccuum of space, activates the next part of her spell. Shutaura is pained by the song, disbelieving of the miracle it will cause, and stop it. She comes upon the relay station and destroys the stage with her Earth Palette. Arisa falls but Touma arrives on time to catch her. As Touma flinches down due to the injuries he incurred the other night, Shutaura approaches and pulls out a gun to shoot. Seeing this, Arisa immediately step in to protect Touma, irritating Shutaura. Touma asks for Shutaura to stop, but she says that Arisa's existence is what started Ladylee's plan and the sacrifices needed for it. She says that because of Arisa's songs and miracles has led everyone astray. That is why she will kill her. As the two stare down each other, Arisa gives a genuine smile for her, irritating Shutaura to the point of striking her down with her hand. Then, after the combined efforts of Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, and Stiyl Magnus in destroying the explosive bolts of the Endymion, to allow it to be purged into space, Shutaura and Touma notice it as well. Touma then says that there is nothing they cannot do. Shutaura despairs, and points her gun instead at Arisa. She tells Touma on how her father was the only one who died in the Miracle of 88 despite her and everybody else surviving. For that reason Shutaura can never accept a miracle, and states that she will carry on the will of his father who relied on his skills instead of a miracle. Hearing this, Touma says that her father tried his best to save her and everyone on board, even when there is little chance, as long as one pushes their limits, something is bound to happen. Touma says that Daedalus gave his all until the very end believing he could do it, and tells her that it is the reason why she and everyone else survived. Shutaura is shocked and takes a long hard look at the unconscious Arisa, as Touma says that a miracle truly happened because her father made it so. He concludes that if Shutaura denies that, she would be killing her father a second time. Shutaura is stunned by Touma's words. Shutaura curses, and says that no one can stop the Endymion from falling now, and there, begins to laugh like a lunatic, mocking him for believing in miracles, telling him if his miracles can stop the Endymion from falling and save everyone on Earth, save Arisa, save himself, and save everyone who believes in miracles and disrupt the natural order. Then, Shutaura points her gun at Touma. Unbeknownst to her, Touma took out his cellphone, and aware of her weakness, plays one of Arisa's songs. The pain of the incomprehensible sound that invades Shutaura's ears gives Touma enough time to close the distance and strike away her gun. Touma tells her that someone who denies miracles like her doesn't create order either. Angered, Shutaura binds Touma with her wires, and throws rare earth pellets at him, exploding, though in low yield. However, that is not enough to take Touma down. Touma says that risking everything on the smallest chance in order to make the slightest difference and never doubting they can achieve something that is what it means to move forward. He tells her that is what her father sought, and that is what a miracle means. Touma moves forward as Shutaura's guard is down. Here, he declares that he will destroy that illusion of hers, and gives a single strike upon her face. And thus Shutaura falls, though all of them is far from danger. Touma collapses as he says music is pretty good to hear.[3]

Shutaura Sequenzia and Meigo Arisa's duet.

As Touma writhes on the floor while the world is still in danger, he hears a singing from an unlikely source: it is Shutaura singing Arisa's very own song. Arisa comes to as well as if she is beckoned by her voice. With tears in her eyes, the broken hearted maiden once again recalls that fateful day. There a young Shutaura prays to some higher power to take away all the things she cherishes just so they can have a miracle. And here, Shutaura admits to herself what she had wrought. She had begged for a miracle in exchange for the things she cherished and she was answered. And then at time, Arisa was born as a result. Arisa goes towards Shutaura, as the both of them continue to sing. And thus, the two of them weave a song at that high place above all of earth, and for a moment a song of miracles was born from it and all of the skies was cast alight as if the brilliance of golden dawn colored the firmament of the earth. And all those who look upon the sky were amazed, and they saw too the great tower tremble before them, but there was no fear no longer did it threaten upon the world. And thus pass the Miracle of Endymion.[3]

The Orion bracelet was left alone in the height of that tower, made whole once again. Touma sees who picks it up, it is Shutaura who is naked but is unashamed, though Arisa is nowhere to be found, it seems Touma has a guess where she has gone to. Seeing her, Touma assures to her that the entire world has heard her song. There, Shutaura smiles while being bathed in the light and as Touma once again falls into unconcsiousness.[3]

Shutaura smiles at Touma near the end of the film.

In the world after the Miracle, Index tries to ask if Arisa wasn't real, to which Touma denies, saying that Arisa didn't disappear when he touched her with his right hand, as such she wasn't an illusion. Touma refers to Arisa as someone who loves music, someone who love making people happy with her music, someone who is just a normal girl. Index agrees, but then she and Touma stop looking towards the horizon where Endymion once stood high and mighty. There, Index asks if heard something, to which Touma says he did.[3]


Her ultimate fate after Touma falls unconscious is unknown, but it is later revealed in an interview with Kamachi Kazuma that she became one with Arisa, a form in which neither Aleister Crowley nor Laura Stuart could understand. He teases that Arisa might be singing somewhere in Academy City while looking like Shutaura.[4]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, Arisa and Shutaura had apparently already became one again by the time Othinus put Touma there. Referred to as Arisa by Saten Ruiko, and her combining with the idol as a "perfect mode", Ruiko asks Kazari if she would be coming in secret. Kazari replies that she has seen Ladylee Tangleroad wandering around earlier, as such Arisa may be around.[5]


Shutaura successfully using her Earth Palette to surround Stiyl and his comrades with explosions.

Earth Palette (希土拡張アースパレット Kido Kakuchō (Āsu Paretto)?, lit. "Rare Earth Expansion") is Shutaura's Level 4 ability. A rare ability, Shutaura can store and release explosive energy through the use of rare earth elements. When utilized in battle, rare earth cartridges or discs are shot from a gun, mobile weapons (mechs), or can be thrown. Although the mechs can essay discs, only Shutaura can force the discs to explode when her wires pierce them and she uses her ability,[2] though she seems to only need this as to require a connection with them as she can activate them without the need of the wires.

Although flashy, an individual disc does not hold enough much energy when used. A testament to this is Touma still standing after being hit directly by several of them and only accrued burns (though they maybe because the discs were smaller compared to the one use by Shutaura's vehicles.) This maybe the reason why several of the discs are used in unison.[2]

In the movie, Shutaura's eyes glow as a visual indication that she is using her abiity.

Other abilities

Swift and agile, Shutaura is skilled in hand to hand combat, easily going toe to toe with one of Ladylee's Automatons. She is also very accurate, allowing her to pierce several moving discs at the same time in order for her to use the explosive power of her ability.[3]

She also knows how to handle a handgun well. Specifically, Shutaura carries and uses a Vektor CP1 aboard Endymion during the film's finale sequence.[3]

Character Art Designs

Shutoura's outfit was designed to look like a miniaturized version of a Powered Suit and an artificial muscle suit. Haimura is also aware that she looks like Fukiyose Seiri, and feels regretful for it.

Ultimately, her armblades are later removed for the movie as well as the detail on her injector wires.



  • (To Stiyl and company, from the movie): "We are the Civil Affairs Resolution Mediation Unit authorized by Academy City's Board of Directors. We will now begin a special intervention."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Don't speak that word in front of me!! The coincidental results just so happen to lean in that direction. This is nothing more than coincidental quantum deviations and people's desire for some invisible hand. People are lazy and stupid. What we truly need is order."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Why are you apologizing? I am satisfied with who I am. Thanks to this, I will not be led astray by songs or the word miracle."



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