The Skíðblaðnir (大船の鞄 (スキーズブラズニル) Oobune no Kaben (Sukīzuburazuniru)?, lit. "Large Boat's Briefcase", Yen Press: Skithblathnir) are a series of spiritual items based on the legendary boat of the same name, capable of transporting objects between each other across great distances. It is created and used by New Light to transport Curtana Original to Carissa for her coup. There are five in total, with one in the care of the Knight Leader.[1]


Skíðblaðnir is a legendary boat of Norse Mythology and is mentioned to be the finest to be of all ships. The boat was capable of holding all of the Æsir including Odin. It had the ability to be folded up and be kept inside one's bag.[2]


It can take on the appearance of a traveler's suitcase for easier means of carrying it. It has a wooden mosaic-like structure on its surface. It is primarily made of oak, carved down to only a few millimeters thick and then exposed to steam until it would bend. No nails or screws were used in constructing the spiritual item, and it was made by hand similarly to the weaving of bamboo baskets or the creation of wooden mosaics.[2]

It's true form however is that of a 10 meter long canoe made of wood, New Light, being experts in Norse Mythology, "folded up" in a regulated way much like origami in order to forcibly give it the shape of a case.[2]


Skíðblaðnir works such that when one puts something into one of the suitcases, it can be sent from its location to one of the other suitcases in relay. For example an object is passed from suitcase A to suitcase B, then from suitcase B to suitcase C, so on and so forth. It has an effective range of 100 kilometers.[3] When opened, the case turns back to its original form, it becomes a 10 meter long canoe.[2]

Aside from its ability of instantaneous transfer, Skíðblaðnir is quite durable as proven when Lessar accidentally used it as a shield against a fire spell by Oriana Thomson[4] and in the training labyrinth of Necessarius where Bayloupe protected it to a degree from the traps.[2]

When Agnese Forces investigated one of the hideouts of New Light they had found a prototype of it in the form of a case. This can interpreted either that the New Light group has knowledge on making replicas, or they were attempting to reshape it differently.[3]


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