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Skill-Out (武装無能力集団 (スキルアウト) Busou Munouryoku Shuudan (Sukiru Auto)?, lit., "Armed Powerless Group") is an armed group of Level 0's in Academy City.[1]


Skill-Out is an armed group of Level 0's which numbers in the thousands. Many factions proclaim that their goal is to fight for rights in a city where those without abilities are picked on by those who flaunt their higher esper abilities,[2] while the authority sometimes turn a blind eye to the injustice or just can't help.[3]

Factions include Big Spider. Komaba Ritoku led one of the largest groups of Skill-Out in School District 7 before being killed by Accelerator.[2] Hamazura Shiage succeeded him and agreed to a deal that would save Skill-Out from the Board of Directors by attacking Misaka Misuzu.[4]. After this failed, he left Skill-Out and was succeeded by Hattori Hanzou.[5][6]

The fighting abilities of Skill-Out's members are generally weak, with the average fighter having brawling skills below that of Kamijou Touma, although he stated that he cannot take on more than three at once. Some members carry weapons such as collapsible large blades, batons, and guns that are as lethal as Level 3 esper abilities. The favored tactic is to swamp an enemy esper with numbers when fighting since they can not normally win one on one.[1]


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