• Sky Bus 365 at an airport in Paris
  • Bird's eye view of Sky Bus 365
  • Front view of Sky Bus 365

Sky Bus 365 (スカイバス365 Sukai Basu 365?) is a passenger plane that was scheduled to fly from School District 23 in Academy City to Edinburgh, Scotland, carrying 500+ passengers and crew. However, it made a surprise (to the passengers) stop in Paris, France in order to transport goods to the United Kingdom after the Eurotunnel bombing closed off the primary method of delivery of goods to the island nation from mainland Europe.

The plane would later be involved in an attempted terrorist hijacking and later bombing, but was thwarted by Kamijou Touma, the plane's crew, and Necessarius.[1]


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Interior of the Sky Bus 365

The Sky Bus 365 is a large and spacious passenger plane, with a passenger area which can seat over 500 people split into two floors of passenger seats, doubling its capacity, and a large amount of space for each seat, even for the cheapest seats. The seats were divided into three pairs of two by the aisles, and the seating area divided by walls, that were 7 meters thick,[2] between economy, business, and first classes, with a free drink corner on a portion of the wall, among other small facilities,[2] which can serve hot coffee, dividing economy from business. probably as a terrorism countermeasure.[3] There was a fire door, an emergency hatch, located in one of the "wall" area, which connected the passenger seating to the cargo hold area, allowing for the crew to put out a fire if one occurs in the cargo hold.[2] Even in economy class, the plane is fairly luxurious, with the chairs have screens with which a passenger can use to view channels, some of which a pre pay-per-view. And with a push of a button, the oxygen mask can be deployed by the passenger itself.[3]

The main wings of the Sky Bus 365's model has the fuel tanks inside of it, while the engines hang down below them. The Sky Bus 365 model is designed so the engines won’t contact the ground during a belly landing. Because of the fact that intense vibrations will still be transferred to within the engines during a belly landing creating an explosive reaction with the highly flammable jet fuel that has been exposed to oxygen, it has an emergency landing stabilizer to deal with the vibrations. It automatically detects the shock of a belly landing using sensors and completely shuts down the engines. It also seals off the fuel pipes so a fire in the engines cannot reach the fuel tanks. With this the plane on a belly landing then heads down the runway purely on inertia and decelerates.[4]

Structural defectEdit

However, the plane's model has a structural defect in the plane. The structural defect in the Sky Bus 365's model is that it if the emergency landing stabilizer is interfered with[5] and stops working[4] then it can cause the plane to explode when the plane is in a belly landing.[4]


  • It is likely that the name Sky Bus is a reference to the European aerospatial company Airbus. Whether Sky Bus replaces Airbus as its fictional equivalent within the Toaru universe or Airbus still exists in-universe and they are two separate companies is unknown.


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