The Sky Bus 365 Flight Attendant (フライト・アテンダント Furaito・Atendanto?, lit. flight attendant) is an unnamed character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. Referred to in the story as the Blonde Flight Attendant with a Nice Body (金髪ナイスバディのフライトアテンダント Kinpatsu Naisu badi no Furaito Atendanto?), she is a flight attendant in Sky Bus 365 during the terrorist incident in its flight on October 17. In contrast to her superior, the pilot, she becomes sympathetic to Kamijou Touma's efforts during the terrorist incident and briefly serves as a supporting character to him.


The flight attendant is described as blonde and having a nice body.[1]


Though she is dutiful in carrying her duties, in contrast to her superior, she is much more sympathetic and apologetic to those who are troubled by their actions during the terrorist incident, as evidenced when she subdued Touma after seeing the blood of a fellow crew member after a terrorist assault,[2] and later when she is ordered by the captain to lock Touma up in a room alone.[3]

Despite this, she is still subordinate to the captain, and as shown by her reaction after the captain was determined in using Archery against both the terrorist and Touma, she is unable to do anything but follow his orders.[4]


Not much is known of her but as a flight attendant, she has been trained in hand-to-hand combat so they can deal with any trouble that break out on-board without weapons. She however says that they really only practice what's in the manual. Despite this, she can easily subdue a unprepared Touma.[2]

She is likely fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese.[5]


British Royal Family ArcEdit

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She first appears after noticing Index playing around with the controls on her seat, and later lectures her on in-flight etiquette.[1]

She is likely the one that announces that the plane is stopping by in a Paris airport in order for it to transport goods to the United Kingdom due to the Eurotunnel bombing damaging the country's only land route.[5] She later comes over to Touma and Index again after the latter begins complaining about food. She then apologizes and says that they are trying their best to match the expectations of the passengers. Touma asks about the transporting of goods, leading to her discuss why they are doing so. After she mentions food, Index asks how long until they are able to receive food, to which the flight attendant says about an hour, much to her dismay making her bite Touma. The flight attendant later gives Index a toy whistle before leaving, and later announces that the moving of goods for the plane to carry has finished.[5]

Despite her promises of food, the flight attendant doesn't return. She was actually ordered by the captain to print out the report by air traffic control regarding the threat to the airliner, which contains flight numbers. Before she can deliver it to the captain, Touma bumps into her while she carried the papers. Though the attendant questioned Touma if he saw what was written on them, when she learns that Touma didn't understand after he says he didn't look up her skirt after she fell, she later leaves and promises to bring their meal.[6] She later gives the papers to the captain.[7]

Soon afterwards however, Musset the terrorist has made his move, striking another female attendant in the back of the head and drawing blood. She later alerts the captain regarding this matter.[7] Before the flight attendant with the nice body can wipe the blood from the food storage room near the free drink dispenser, Touma discovers it. The flight attendant, after seeing this, subdues Touma, and reports to the captain of what happened and for further instructions.[2] As she waited for the pilot, the flight attendant explains to Touma that it is a terrorist attack and she had to subdue him after seeing the blood of a crew member that was attacked by the terrorist, in order to prevent panic as well as prevent provoking the prevent the terrorist from attacking.[8]

The pilot later arrives and says that Touma should be separated from the other passengers. The flight attendant protests, saying that though they have to ensure the safety of the passengers, there is really no need for them to confine Touma. Despite this, the pilot doesn't believe will not panic and blurt out the information that he knows if he is returned to his seat, and reprimands the flight attendant for not thinking it through. The pilot says that he should be confined until the situation is resolved, and as thanks for his cooperation will be refunded. Touma protests as well, asking if they can handle it on their own and offers his services. The pilot says that they are also confining him to prevent him from interfering, as he cannot let an amateur like Touma handle the situation where 500 and more passengers' lives are in stake. With that the captain says that it is his responsibility to take care of the passengers and Touma has no reason to take on the responsibility.[8]

Later, after Touma clashes with the terrorist Musset, the captain and the flight attendant gets alerted by the commotion. Arriving there, they find Touma with an unconscious Index. Touma asks them about the flight stabilizers, to which the pilot explains. He essentially states that the emergency landing stabilizers prevent the jet fuel of the plane from exploding when in a belly landing. Now having an inkling of the terrorists' plans, the pilot once again plans to chuck Touma in a room along with Index, separate from the rest of the passengers in order to prevent them from panicking. As the pilot goes on about his "duty" to protect the lives of the passengers, Touma is infuriated by it. Touma attacks the pilot with the metal handle, knocking him backwards. He points out that him going along with his plans is what allowed Index to get attacked and that he already failed in his promise of protecting the 500 passengers of the plane by letting get hurt. Intending to beat up the terrorist, Touma tosses away the metal handle and leaves Index in the hands to the flight attendant as he goes to the staircase where the terrorist disappeared to, promising to beat him up until he passes out.[4] After Touma leaves, the pilot then contacts one of the co-pilots, Wash, to leave the piloting to Richmond, and bring the Archery to him. This shocks the flight attendant, as the pilot justifies his request that Touma has become as dangerous as a terrorist. It is later delivered to him.[4]

It is likely the flight attendant was with Index during the attempted emergency landing by the crew and the defeat of Musset at the hands of Touma. Later, after Touma has tied up Musset and thrown him into a small room, the flight attendant explains to him what has transpired in the cockpit regarding the fuel gauge going down as the pilot was in a bad mood and refuses to talk to Touma.[9] Unbeknownst to them it was being manipulated by Necessarius to force the plane to make an emergency landing and allow for the Knights of England to kill the terrorists on-board.

Touma and the now awake Index is later reunited. However, Touma begins to wonder why the terrorist started his actions at the last hour of the flight from Academy City to Edinburgh, as he could've done it any time before the plane reached Great Britain's airspace. Pondering this, Touma recalls that they've landed in Paris earlier to transport goods, and concludes that another terrorist has snuck into the cargo hold likely with weapons, ready to enact another plan if the terrorist's plan failed. Touma then asks if the hatch is the only way to get into the cargo hold, to which the flight attendant confirms, saying only a co-pilot or higher card key can access it. Hearing this, Touma believes that it would be probably difficult to have the pilot assist them. The flight attendant says that though the pilot may not help, she can get a card key from one of the two co-pilots, though says she will not be able to get Archery in order to take the terrorist down. She also says that the cargo taken from France is in the center block.[9]

Seeing that opening the cargo hold would be dangerous, Touma then asks if they could use the ventilation ducts, though not for crawling like in the movies as they are only 30 centimeters, as the flight attendant points out, but to use in pouring of hot liquids. Touma then instructs the flight attendant to make use of the hot coffee or any kind of hot liquid from the free drink corner.[9]

The flight attendant does what was asked of her and is in the sidelines during Touma's fight with the second terrorist, Eiker Lugoni. She is seen last walking down an aisle in the business class section of the plane when she gets to witness the spreading of runes from a Royal Air Force plane, though it is not known if they saw Stiyl Magnus do so, in the air to use against the second terrorist Eiker Lugoni. She doesn't recognize the objects however, and mistakes them for confetti.[10]


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