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Slappar (スラッパール Surappāru?) is the manager of Brick Wharf, who appears in Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Kanzaki.


Slappar is described as a young man with pale skin and a sickly look.[1]


At some point, Slappar created Alfar from a fossil in order to overcome a defect which prevented him from casting spells above a certain level of complexity. Slappar communicated with Alfar behind thick glass and designated areas where she could and couldn't go in the building. However after seeing a cat named Bailey and wishing to be able to touch him, Alfar wandered outside of the areas he had told her to stay within. As a result, she found out about the effects she had on other living beings and the reason why Slappar created her, leading to her occupying Brick Wharf and driving Slappar out.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: KanzakiEdit

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Due to Alfar's occupation of Brick Wharf, Slappar is forced to get help from Necessarius. When Kanzaki Kaori and the Jeans Shop Owner arrive, he hides with them in a thicket near the complex and tells them about his problem and Alfar, withholding certain pieces of information. He tells Kanzaki not to kill Alfar, saying that she might have made modifications so that Brick Wharf will become unusable if she is killed.[1]

Once Kanzaki is inside Brick Wharf, Slappar communicates with her further regarding Alfar. After the communication is cut off and the Jean Shop Owner prepares to enter the building himself, Slappar starts to refine his life force through breathing and proceeds to use Magic before the Jean Shop Owner can bring his guard up. At the same time, a tanker of liquid oxygen that he had ordered earlier arrives.[1]

Using a huge quantity of supercooled water prepared from the tanker, Slappar melts the walls of Brick Wharf with a wave of acid, before stepping inside to confront Kanzaki and Alfar. He proceeds to explain his deception and his intentions to use Alfar to evolve himself to overcome his defect, regardless of the harm it would cause to the ecosystem for centuries to come.[1]

As Kanzaki puts her hand on her sword, Slappar warns her not to try anything, pointing out the preparations that he had made - millions of microscopic runes formed using the mist from the supercooled water. Alfar then tells Kanzaki that the way to stop him was to kill, though Slappar remains confident that he can counter and overwhelm her. Kanzaki then proceeds to apparently kill Alfar before his eyes, secretly using her own blood to fake the injury. With his hope apparently gone, Slappar falls to his knees and ceases to resist.[1]


Slappar is capable of using rune magic, though he is unable to perform spells with a certain level of complexity due to his defect. He is however capable of using millions of simple microscopic runes.[1][2]


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