Smartvery (スマートヴェリー Sumātoverī?, Yen Press: Smartveri) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is a Witch that is stationed on the Coven Compass, and becomes embroiled against the Knights of England during the British Halloween.


In the anime, Smartvery has short, light brown hair. She wears a witch's hat and attire, mostly black with several white parts.[1]


She is a witch of the Coven Compass, and seems to have some sort of authority as other witches defer to her opinion during the Battle of Islay. Due to the presence of St. Peter's anti-flight interception spell, she and the other witches of the Coven Compass are forced to fly low in order not to hurt themselves too much if the spell is used against them.[2]


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Toaru Majutsu no Index III E12 01m 26s

Smartvery and the witches prepare to fire on the knights.

Smartvery was stationed on the mobile fortress Coven Compass, near Islay, when Carissa and the Knights of England initiated the coup d'état and with her fellow witches, launched to intercept the Knights' attack. When one of her fellow witches asked what they should do against the knights, Smartvery suggested that since the Curtana Original only provides them with power within the UK's borders, they should escape the country to lure the knights over the border and then wipe them out with the fortress's cannon. She then added that although that was the safest option it might be fun to wipe them out with an ocean control spell. They then clashed with the knights on the ocean.[2]

Smartvery was also present when the witches prepared to fire on Buckingham Palace with the Coven Compass. While keeping an eye on the spell and listening, Smartvery thought about the shot they were making, over their supposed maximum range. She talked to another witch while waiting, mentioning how the third princess dealt with the formalities and supposing they should be thankful for that influence. As her comrade noted that Carissa was also a influential person, Smartvery supposed that they were similar in that regard but had shifted in different directions.[3]

Smartvery brought her broom under control as the Coven Compass's firing sequence caused turbulence around the fortress. When another witch wondered if the knights would try to interfere, Smartvery said they might but if they had that courage they'd probably cross the border and attack together. Thinking that they would for Elizard or perhaps the Knight Leader, Smartvery noted the limitations of Carissa's violent approach. The Coven Compass then began firing.[3]


Like many witches, Smartvery is capable of using potions made from different magical plants. When used it grants the objects it is applied on the ability of flight, things like clothes, broomsticks, and even skin of the human body. Through this, Smartvery is able to fly.[2] Smartvery can also apparently attack through her broomstick.[2]

She can also use an communication spell, and apparently is able to use an ocean control spell.[2]


  • (During the firing of Coven Compass, from Index Volume 18): "It seems this is the limitations of violence, new Queen Carissa."



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