Sniper Bee (狙撃蜂 Sogeki Hachi?) is a special bullet made in Academy City developed by Yakumi Hisako most likely in her hospital in School District 13.


The object appears a dart with a needle and father-like objects attached to it.[1] It was colored with black and yellow stripes, giving off a sign of danger by just its looks.[2] It is most likely the reason why it has its name.


When it was used against the Destroyer that Tsuchimikado Motoharu was interrogating it fell straight from the sky on the former via the machinations of the sniper.[1] It is unknown what technology or abilities were used to achieve or if it is an inherent part of the Sniper Bee's technology itself. According to Rensa #029, if a hypothalamus that is used for the cyborg Rensa can't be used anymore, there are reused as calculation guidance parts for the Sniper Bee.[3]

The ones showe with Yakumi Hisako were special models that had been created for design purposes. However, there were smaller versios which were loaded into a special magazine that use compressed gas. Apparently, the preferred "bee venom" for the Sniper Bee is formic acid.[2]


The venom used by the Sniper Bee is the corrosive formic acid, which is used in large amounts. When the target is hit, the area where it landed will quickly swelled up, and would look similar to plastic being heated in a fire. When the Destroyer was hit in the neck, his skin bulged out from within, the right half of his face swelled so large facial recognition software would not be able to recognize him. Moreover, swelling also occurred below the surface as well, constricting his windpipe.[1]

According to Motoharu, the man will take 15 minutes before dying.[1] With such a protracted method to assassinate a target, the venom was most likely used to prolong death as much as possible.


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