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This article discusses intricacies or terms found in the fandom, it may not be found in the Toaru Majutsu no Index canon.

SoGeBu (そげぶ?) is a Japanese meme that revolves around the abbreviation Kamijou Touma's signature line "Sono Gensou wo Buchikorosu" (その幻想をぶち殺す?) translated as "I'll break that illusion of yours." Either an Shift_JIS art figure that takes four poses or an image of a character is used while reciting the line, despite the fact that Touma has never made such a pose when reciting the line.

Sites such as Pixiv host artwork and even an encyclopedia definition of the meme.[1]

Shift_JIS art[edit | edit source]

The pose is often accompanied by Shift_JIS art. The Shift_JIS art most likely originated and used in 2ch textboard though this is unconfirmed.

                       ヘ(^o^)ヘ いいぜ
                     /  /
                 (^o^)/ てめえが何でも
                /(  )    思い通りに出来るってなら
       (^o^) 三  / / >
 \     (\\ 三
 (/o^)  < \ 三 
 ( /
 / く  まずはそのふざけた

References in the Toaru Majutsu no Index franchise[edit | edit source]

The meme was referenced in the 4th episode of Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan in the final sketch of the episode, where Index-tan rides Touma's head and after being angry with him proceeds to make him bald by picking on his hair, saying Sogebu afterwards.[2]

Finally, a subtle reference to the meme is featured in the 5th Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel. Here, Touma confuses Misaka Mikoto for Thor, whom had disguised himself as Mikoto before, and after mocking her breast size says "Genkoro" (ゲンコロ?), an abbreviation of his famous line (translated as IDTI in the Baka-Tsuki release).[3]

References in Popular Culture[edit | edit source]

The meme is used in chapter 16 of Denpa Kyoushi. In addition to the chapter's naming scheme as a reference to the Toaru universe, Momozono Makina yells out the phrase as she beats up Kagami Junichirou in anger.

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