Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 2 is the second installment of the Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel series. It was released on July 10th 2020.[1] Like the previous volume, a 60 page long preview was released by Book Walker.[2]

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Short SummaryEdit

Goodbye 24th. On the 25th, its my turn to go full throttle and give it my all ☆

As soon as he realized, Kamijou was in the hospital. What awaited there was... not the denunciation of that event between Kamijou and Anna, but a nursing rush by Index, the Sisters, Misaka and Shokuhou!?

Full SummaryEdit

Goodbye 24th. On the 25th, its my turn to go full throttle and give it my all ☆

Kamijou Touma wakes up to find himself in the hospital. The last thing he remembers is kissing Anna Sprengel of the Rosicrucian magic cabal.

But wait a second.

Kamijou Touma, a healthy high school boy in the midst of adolescence, had his first kiss with a beautiful mystery woman.

In the present, Misaka Mikoto, Index, and a honey-blonde girl have arrived at the hospital! When science and magic cross paths, the barrage of terrifying accusations begins...or so he thought, but for some reason those girls are trying to nurse him back to health instead!?

Mikoto and Shokuhou realize Anna is up to something, so they put their differences aside to join forces. The ultimate Level 5 partnership is born!!

Chapter ListEdit

  • Prologue: The Bloody Christmas Begins – 12/24_to_12/25.
  • Chapter 1: This is the Real Battle – Home_Ground_Hospital.
  • Chapter 2: Black Pill, White Snow – and_RED_Rose.
  • Chapter 3: In the Void of Zero – Contact_6.
  • Chapter 4: The Phenomenon of Kamijou Touma – Not_Right_Hand.
  • Epilogue: Greeting Through the Bars – Matching_Complete.




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