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The Spanish Astrological Sect (スペイン星教派 Supein Seikyō-ha?, Yen Press: Spanish Order of the Star) is one of the few major factions within the Roman Catholic Church.


The Spanish Astrological Sect is one of the huge factions of Roman Catholic Church. Due to the spread of Christianity during the Age of Discovery, most of the old cultures in South America were still controlled by the Spanish Astrological Sect at least 10 years prior to present.[1]


Since the time of Queen Elizabeth I and the defeat of the Spanish Armada, there has been quite some history between Spanish and English magic sects.[1]

Recent History[]

10 years prior to the current year of the story timeline, the Spanish Astrological Sect abducted the then 14-year old Princess Villian. Wanting to use this chance to attack the cabal and claim its territories in South America, the princess was abandoned by the British Royal Family, prompting William Orwell to save the princess himself.[1]