The Spear of Longinus (神様殺しの槍 (ロンギヌスのやり) Kamisama Goroshi no Yari (Ronginusu no Yari)?, lit. "God Killing Spear") is a legendary weapon used by Saint Longinus to pierce the side of the Son of God during his crucifixion, and thus killing him.[1]


The kanji used for the spear is called God Killing Spear, which refers to it being the weapon that killed the Son of God instead of his crucifixion.


The spear was derived from the passages of the Bible that depicted the Son of God being pierced by the weapon on his side by a Roman soldier to check if he was dead. In so doing, they could determine if they need to break his legs in order to hasten his death. After being pierced, blood and then water came from his side, signifying that he was indeed both man and divine.

The name Longinus came only later in Christian traditions, and is also venerated by many Christian denominations.[2]

Longinus ReplicaEdit

It is unknown what powers the true Holy Spear has, but for the mass produced ones used by the thirteen Knights of England,[3] known as Longinus Replica (量産聖槍 (ロンギヌス=レプリカ) Ryōsan Seisō (Ronginusu Repurika)?, lit. "Mass Produced Holy Spear") it can be conjectured.

However, according to Index, holy relics like the Spear of Longinus could never truly be substituted, so one can assume that a replica's power does not equate to that of the original.[4]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Index ArcEdit

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Index uses the spear as an example on how strong her Walking Church is.[5] Later, Index mentions the lance, among other important relics of Christian tradition, as something that cannot be substituted and shows the limits of magicians to make substitutes of relics being used in rituals.[4]

Deep Blood ArcEdit

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The Holy Spear, as it is also known, is also referred during the arc, where the Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church is said to be trying to mass produce them.[3]

It is also mentioned later by Aureolus Dummy, comparing Touma's Imagine Breaker (which Touma often stated that could kill God), to the God Killing Spear, for effectively negating his Limen Magna.[6]

World War III ArcEdit

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During the Battle of Dover Strait, when facing the Maiden of Versailles wielding Durandal and using shards of the Curtana Second to form her own sword, Carissa refers to how Charlemagne inserted a shard of the holy spear into his own sword.[7]

Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: KanzakiEdit

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Brunhild Eiktobel briefly states to Kanzaki Kaori that her saint side would interfere with the creation of the replica Gungnir changing it to be modeled after the lance instead of the it's true function.[8]

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