Special "ONE" is the ending theme of the first Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA.


Like all previous Toaru Kagaku no Railgun ending themes, it is sung by Elisa. The lyrics were composed by Kazu Humiharu, with music by done by Satomi Kawasaki, and arrangement done by Kaoru Ookubo.

The single release features the full version of the song.

  1. "Speical "ONE"" – 4:09
  2. "Heaven's Sky – 4:39
  3. "Special "ONE"" (OVA Edit) - 1:54
  4. "Special "ONE"" -instrumental- – 4:09
  5. "Heaven's Sky" -instrumental- – 4:39


By appearance


Japanese English Translation
“hitori janai”
korekara mo We are Special “ONE”
“You’re not alone.”
From now on, we are special “ONE”!
hitomi wo tojireba sotto meguri meguru
hora isshoni sugoshita hi
When I close my eyes, they softly come and go
Look, those days we went through together.
hashaidari tama ni ha chotto surechigattari
sorezore ga daiji na memori—
Fooling around, sometimes disagreeing a little-
Each moment is a precious memory.
kitto wasurenaiyo egao ni deaeta kara I’m sure I won’t forget, because I was able to meet your smile.
hitotsu hitotsu mirai he tsuduku
reberu koeta chikara ga kasanari
hitorikiri de ha totemo kanaisou ni nai yume sae
minna ga iru kara arukidaseruyo
One by one, they continue into the future,
Adding on power that surpasses level,
Enough for even the dreams that seemed impossible when you are alone.
We’re all here, so we can step forward.


  • The ending theme features several promotional artwork of the main characters.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Ending Theme
Real Force Special "ONE"Grow Slowly
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