The Spider Queen (蜘蛛の女王 Kumo no Jo'ō?) is a minor character introduced in the 7th Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index volume. Part of the dark side of Academy City, she is an intermediary or middle man, between the lowlives that do the dirty work and the higher ups who order it.[1]


In her first appearance, she is a young woman who wears a tight jacket and a long skirt.[1]


She has no problem in using people as she sees fit, and responds with violence with those who betrays her.[1]


She is referred to as by Tsuchimikado Motoharu as an official intermediary. She seems to be part of some money laundering scheme, where dangerous (something that draws suspicion by authorities) money, or in this instance, gold, is changed, altered, or exchanged in order to make it safe for use. The Spider Queen is a specialist that would get the gold that she is given to her for laundering in a large facility.[1]

Her name is derived from the fact that she pays careful attention to the soldiers below her. Her specialty is spreading her "web" to control people. She spreads her web around everywhere to control the entire battlefield, which means she needs information from more than just her allies. She spies on her enemies, allies, and on the date controlled by the other intermediaries.[1]

Despite being described as a young woman, she seemed to have been part of the "darkness" as a intermediary for a long time, leading to her to say that she has lost her edge and thinking of retiring. Moreover, there are actually rumors that refer to her as an AI with no real form.[1]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Agitate Halation ArcEdit

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During Motoharu's rampage of revenge, he calls to the dark side of Academy City, after beating up and interrogating Fugan Ryuuzou in his involvement with the attack on Tsuchimikado Maika, that his cache of gold inside a tanker truck is up for grabs. Thugs rushed towards the location, and Motoharu is able to track them using a scent on it.[1]

He is later lead to an abandoned coin laundromat where the thugs drop the gold off for laundering. Here, Motoharu confronts the Spider Queen after taking out two of her guards. She tries to draw out her firearm but stops as it would draw Anti-Skill into the laundromat. Spider Queen is angered on how Motoharu must've put a scent on it to track it. Motoharu taunts the Spider Queen about the perfume he used to mark the gold bars, and the Spider Queen acquiesces to an exchange. Motoharu asks about who would want to kill someone for a name like the Agitate Halation Project. The Spider Queen points out that he is overestimating him, though Motoharu doesn't buy it, stating that it her specialty in dealing with the people below her. The Spider Queen lies, stating that she can only wrap her "web" around those she deals with directly as an intermediary. Motoharu sees through her lie, and tells her that she needs information from people that aren't just her allies, blatantly stating that she knows more than she is willing to tell. The Spider Queen sighs at his discovery, and tells that she should just kill him and abandon the gold. Motoharu states that he knows that she may be killed if the information gets out, and suggests faking her death and getting cosmetic surgery as she has the funds for it.[1]

Frustrated, the Spider Queen tells Motoharu that she hasn't worked and allocated any personnel for anything related to the term Agitate Halation. Motoharu asks if she could've taken a job from it without being told the name, to which the Spider Queen says it is a possibility. However, she points out that she should have heard of the term at some point during the job. She tells of pawns using the internet to get dangerous jobs directly without use of intermediaries such as her. Motoharu asks if there is a way of knowing when that happens. She tells that there are a few pawns who have left her control in the middle of a another job, but that's the limit of her knowledge. She says that Motoharu is free to attack them but doubts he will find what he is looking for. Motoharu states that it's fine, stating that he would try them all and hopes of getting the right one while doing so. The Spider Queen then writes down the names on a corn starch paper using chocolate ink, stating that Motoharu could eat it to get rid of the information she has written.[1]

With that, the Spider Queen asks what perfume Motoharu used, to which he states is Clairpharm #1056. Hearing that is was a cheap perfume that could easily disappear at 300 degrees, the Spider Queen throws a tantrum and fires her gun like crazy. Motoharu later leaves and eats the memo. It is likely that Anti-Skill later responds to her firing a weapon, making her effort all for naught.[1]


  • (To Motoharu from NT7): "Is that so? Well, those are the ones who ignored my services and took jobs on their own. You could say they betrayed me. You can deal with them however you like. How about you fry them and add some salt?"


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