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A Spiritual Item (霊装 Reisō?, Yen Press: Soul Arm) is a special tool which is used by Magicians to aid in the use of Magic.


When magicians carry out precise ceremonies and spells, they often use specialized tools which correspond to the symbols and requirements for the spell in question, allowing Magic to be executed more efficiently and conveniently. An example of this would be using a spear when using Magic based on a story involving a legendary spear - the spear is not absolutely necessary, and certain items with the same shape and function can be used in its place (such as an umbrella), but details being closer to that of the intended item decrease the odds of the spell failing and makes it more effective.[1]

Spiritual items are mostly nothing more than tools, with a few exceptions. When a magician holds a spiritual item, it becomes a part of their body and part of the magic power flowing through their blood vessel will circulate through it, enabling them to function. This power can also be provided remotely and for some items, magic power will continue to circulate for a little while after the magician lets go of it.[1]

In the past, destruction of a spiritual item would sever the circulation of magic power and damage the magician. Nowadays, safety devices are incorporated into them to prevent this.[1]

Symbolic Weapons[]

Symbolic Weapons (象徴武器シンボリックウェポン Shōchō Buki (Shinborikku Wepon)?, lit. "Symbol Weapon", Yen Press: Aspected Weapons) are a representative example of spiritual items - produced, consecrated and only touched by the user, lest the circulation be interfered with and rendered incomplete.[1]

List of Spiritual Items[]

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Table (split into Common and Specific/Individual (possibly one for in-between, undecided term?)
Name Type Magic Format(s) Details
Altar of the Wisdom King
Angel's Tear
Arachne 8
Archetype Processor
Aztec Calendar Stone Grimoire Aztec Mythology An ancient and complex calendar used by the Aztecs, arranged in a circle and inscribed on stone. "Time related to Life and Death" and the "Moon Rabbit" are both currently in Etzali's possession.
Baopuzi Grimoire Chinese Mythology A grimoire from China with a way to become an immortal written inside it.
Bayard Folklore
Beheading Coin
Blasting Rod
Blythe Road's Treasure
Bone Boat Norse Mythology
Book of Creation Grimoire Kabbalah
Book of Eibon Grimoire Cthulhu Mythos
Book of Hermes Grimoire Hermeticism
Book of M Grimoire
Book of the Dead Grimoire Egyptian Mythology
Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Grimoire
Brahma Astra Hinduism
Brionac Celtic Mythology
Brísingamen Norse Mythology
Cannibalism Ritual Book Grimoire
Cape of Good Hope
Coin Bags of St. Matthew
Coin of Nicholas
Corpse wax
Croce di Pietro
Cultes des Goules Grimoire
Curtana (Original/Second/Lost)
Daemonologie Grimoire
Divine Mixture
Document of Constantine
Donati's Horoscope
Draupnir Norse Mythology
Drill of Rati Norse Mythology
Durandal Carolingian Legends
Dáinsleif Norse Mythology
Elixir of Life
Emperor Shun's Blade Chinese Mythology
Fragment of the Rune Epitaph Grimoire
Free Pass
Garuda Hinduism
Gjallarhorn Norse Mythology
Gleipnir Norse Mythology
Golden Bough Grimoire
Greater Key of Solomon Grimoire
Gungnir Norse Mythology
Habetrot 2
Hand of Glory
Honours of Scotland
Hrungnir Norse Mythology
Hrungnir's Stone Norse Mythology
Hrunting Norse Mythology
Hrímfaxi Norse Mythology
Jachin and Boaz
John's Pen Remote Control
Joseph's Holy Grail
Kabbalah Unveiled Grimoire
Kinugyokutoshu Grimoire
La Regina del Mare Adriatico
Lambskin Parchments
Lesser Key of Solomon Grimoire
Loki's Net Norse Mythology
Longinus Replica Christianity
Lotus Wand
Lævateinn Norse Mythology
Mixcoatl Aztec Mythology
Mjölnir Norse Mythology
Momotarou Grimoire
Moonchild Grimoire
Nameless Grimoire
Necronomicon Grimoire
Phenomena Control and Reduction Reproduction Facility
Pneuma-less Shell
Radiosonde Castle
Robin Hood
Rune card Runes
Secrets of the Black Cat Ritual Grimoire
Shichiten Shichitou Grimoire
Shining Trapezohedron
Shiva Imitation Hinduism
Sickle of Saturn
Skírnir’s Staff Norse Mythology
Skíðblaðnir Norse Mythology
Sleipnir Norse Mythology
Spear of Longinus Christianity
Spear of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Aztec Mythology
St. Catherine's Wheel
Star of Bethlehem
Steel Glove Norse Mythology
Sword of the Harvest God Freyr Norse Mythology
Tetrabiblos Grimoire
The Book of the Law Grimoire
The Grimoire of Pope Honorius Grimoire
The Secret Doctrine Grimoire
The True Form of Angels in a Different Shape Grimoire
Union Jack
Valkyrie Swan 3 Norse Mythology
Walking Church
Wand of Swords and Cups
Wedge of Forbidden Color
Wheel Snake