St. Andrew (アンデレアンデレ Andere?), also known as Apostle Andrew or Andrew the Apostle, is a Saint, an apostle of the Son of God and the brother of St. Peter. His most enduring legacy is the Saltire, known as St. Andrew's Cross.


His life with the Son of God is chronicled in the New Testament of the Bible, which tells that he was one of the first disciples with his brother, and both were former fishermen. In an account of his life as an apostle, when St. Andrew was in jail, he sent his prayers and destroyed a city with lightning and earthquake.[1] He is also considered the founder of the Church in Constantinople, from whom all its patriarchs derive their lineage and authority as spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church, in contrast to the popes, which derive their lineage from Saint Peter. Notably, St. Andrew is patron saint of majority-Orthodox Russia.

Andrew is later said to have been martyred by crucifixion, tradition stating that, by his own request, he chose the saltire as his cross, deeming himself unworthy to be crucified on the same type of cross as that of Son of God. The saltire later became the symbol of St. Andrew.

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St. Andrew's Cross (アンデレ十字 Andere Jūji?): According to Index, the cross is a symbol of St. Andrew and is alloted to every Saint, and according to Terunoa, functions as a protective charm.[2] Moreover, Index states that the cross is said to bring Divine Punishment to blasphemers and salvation to faithful believers. This property allow it to become very compatible with the Book of Revelation, which has the same effects. Terunoa combines this latter aspect in order for her to use a powerful earthquake spell.[1] Itsuwa uses St. Andrew's Cross for a spell which increases the accuracy of her spear.[3]

The symbol is like an emblem alloted to every Saint, according to Index.[2] St. Andrew's Cross is the flag of Scotland, of which St. Andrew is the patron saint, and is a component of the Union Jack.

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