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St. George (聖ジョージ Sei Jōji?) is a Saint, the patron saint of England.


Saint George's LegendEdit

There was once a small town at a certain place.
A small town surrounded by walls, the king and his people lived in that city.
One day, a dragon came to town from the vicinity.
The king and the people intended to defeat the dragon together, but failed.
The violent, angry dragon spat fire, raging in the city.
The king and the people, to appease the dragon, brought two sheep every day.
However, the number of sheep was limited.
When the sheep weren't enough, the people sent a sheep and a child.
The children began to disappear from the city.
Finally was the turn to offer the king's daughter, the princess.
The king pleaded to the people to let the princess go.
The people didn't agree because they had already sent their own children.
Thus, the sheep and the princess were sent to the home of the dragon.
The princess grieved for her own fate.
At this time, a wandering knight rode to her side on a horse.
He wielded a holy sword along with a lance, and was a Knight among the Knights.
His name, supposedly, was St. George.

St. George's CrossEdit

The symbol of St. George, used as the flag of England and a component of the Union Jack, consists of a red cross over a white background.

Tatemiya Saiji wears an over-sized shirt with a slanted St. George's Cross emblazoned upon it - according to Kanzaki Kaori he originally wore it to signify that he wanted to join with Anglican Church to follow the Priestess.[1]

Magic based on the legend of St. GeorgeEdit

  • Index Librorum Prohibitorum makes use of several spells based on the legend of St. George while in John's Pen Mode, including St. George's Sanctuary and the Dragon's Breath.[2]
  • William Orwell, who himself has been compared to St. George, was given the Great Sword Ascalon, a spiritual item that was in the possession of the Astrological Surgery Brigade, which was originally created by an artist at the end of the 16th century based on the legend of the holy sword. It was created on the idea of calculating out what precisely would be needed to slay the 50 feet long "Dragon of St. George" from the legend if it had actually existed using only that one weapon. It is 3.5 meters long and weighs 200kg. The blade possesses seven different traits designed in the aid of slaying a Dragon, though only one can be used at a time.[3]
  • Aili Hexenphobia and members of the "pound economy" made use of a spell derived from St. George's fate, constructed and sold to them by a third party, in an attempt to destroy London's magical foundation. When activated, it thoroughly destroys every temple, spiritual item and other magical device within 20km, similar to how the Roman priests who urged St. George to renounce his faith had their temples destroyed by something falling from the heavens, answering his prayers.[4]

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