• Front View of St. George's Cathedral in morning.
  • Front View of St. George's Cathedral in evening.

St. George's Cathedral (聖ジョージ大聖堂 (セントじょーじだいせいどう) Hijiri Jōji Taiseidō?, lit. "Saint George Cathedral") is the headquarters of the Anglican Church and of the Church of Necessary Evil. The Cathedral is located in Lambeth, London,[1] a short walk away from Lambeth Palace, and is only a ten minute walk way from Waterloo Station.[2]


Despite being the headquarters of the Anglican Church, it's size cannot be compared to the likes of Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, and Canterbury Cathedral.[2]


Saint George's Cathedral-manga

Laura Stuart and Stiyl in front of St. George's Cathedral as seen in the manga adaptation.

Both anime and manga adaptations share, relatively, the same design for the façade of the cathedral. The cathedral's façade may have borrowed from the Westminster Abbey's Northern Entrance in real life, as the cathedral does not reflect the real world St. George's Cathedral.

The cathedral has elements that can be found in Gothic architecture, such as narrow and pointed arches, crockets upon the gable of the pediment, traceries on the windows of the pediment, and finial that crowns it. Two towers with finials of there own flank the pediment.There is a tympanum above the paneled doors of the pediment. There are also flying buttresses with pinnacles, flanking a tower behind the façade to support it. Upon the tower are two statues, as shown in the manga adaptation. The color is of the cathedral is mostly of grayish purple.

The cathedral in both adaptations is upon a raised ground, as such, stairs are required to access it. The entrance is flanked by two columns, which extends into a wall apparently made of bricks. Luscious flowers and trees surround the cathedral entrance.


The cathedral, as depicted in the anime has a large chapel, probably for conducting, and may have more than one. The windows are glass-stained with many colors.

Moreover, the cathedral has a large underground portion that stretched out for kilometers in London, with many real, fake, trap, and detour hallways.[3] It may have been part of Necessarius' underground labyrinthine training ground. It is here where the underground spiritual item vault can be found.



As a cathedral, it is most likely used for religious purpose like masses. It can also temporarily house several members of the Church during a mission, such as during the Radiosonde Castle incident.[4]


The cathedral has anti-magic defenses, and is refered to as an Anti-magician headquarters,[5] which is apparently strong in its deepest parts, though it is not perfect, as a world effecting magic as Angel Fall manages to even effect its deepest parts.[6]

Under the Cathedral is the underground spiritual item vault, where tons of defensive walls were prepared for it.[5] The undeground stretches for kilometers under London, and has many traps and false pathways, probably to confuse intruders.[3]

Spiritual items stored in the vault include:


Due to the fact that Great Britain is a magical country, the Church of England were forced to do witch hunts, heretic hunts, and inquisitions, developing an anti-magician culture. Eventually, their operations materialized into massacres and executions.[8] In the end, in order to defeat magicians that are rampant in the country,[2] the Church established a special division, its 0th Sector, the Church of Necessary Evil, in an effort to know the ways of magicians as so they can defend against it, and in the process, become magicians themselves.[9] They were however, seen poorly by the rest of the Church, and chased them out Canterbury and into St. George's Cathedral, which then on, became their base, and there, has done many deeds of terrible repute, such as witch hunting, religious trials, and even Joan of Arc.[2] The latter, implies that Joan of Arc has once resided inside the cathedral in some point of her life.

However, since the Church made numerous contributions behind the scenes, allowing for them to build a profile and power within the Church of England. Today, the power of Canterbuy Cathedral has waned, and is only seen as a figure head of the Church of England, as the true decision-making powers have now transferred to St. George's Cathedral. The narration states that the cathedral is now the former base of Necessarius, though, despite so, seeing as the Archbishop is also the head of Necessarius, by proxy, St. George's Cathedral is still being used by members of Necessarius,[2] as what happened during the Radiosonde Castle incident.[4]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Orsola Aquinas Rescue ArcEdit

Main article: Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

The Cathedral's first appearance. Here, Laura Stuart relates to Stiyl Magnus much of the detail regarding his mission to aid the Roman Catholics in retrieving the Book of the Law.

Daihasei Festival ArcEdit

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Index)
Toaru Majutsu no Index II E08 03m 27s

Laura Stuart in the cathedral, having an online conference with Board Chairman Aleister

Laura Stuart has an online conference with Aleister Crowley, regarding the Stab Sword inside the cathedral, and later meets up with Charles Conder regarding the true nature of the Stab Sword, which is actually the Croce di Pietro.

British Royal Family ArcEdit

Main article: British Royal Family Arc
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E10 16m 29s

Laura Stuart and the Knight Leader in the cathedral during the terrorist incident

Before the war, the cathedral becomes the mission center to track the recent Sky Bus 365 terrorist incident. Laura Stuart has called out a meeting with all three factions that control Great Britain, but only she and the Knight Leader are present.[1]

British HalloweenEdit
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During the attempted coup d'etat of the Knights of England, St. George's Cathedral is taken over by the Knights, after Laura leaves to meet up with the Queen in Windsor Castle.[10]

World War III ArcEdit

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The Cathedral became a sort of "invisible fortress" for the war effort, and contained a large number of magicians to deal with the war.[11]

The underground portion of the cathedral is the primary site of Stiyl Magnus' battle with Index in her John's Pen mode, during the war.[3]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Homecoming ArcEdit

Main article: Homecoming Arc

The cathedral becomes the base of operations for the Radiosonde Castle incident, where many members of Necessarius has gathered, including the Amakusa Christians.[4]


  • There are two St. George's Cathedral's in London; one in Southwark, although it is a Roman Catholic church, and one in Camden, this one originally Anglican but now Greek Orthodox. None of them look like the one shown in the series, however the St George's Cathedral in Southwark fit the bill best because it is a few minutes' walk from Lambeth Palace and Waterloo Station.

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