St. Mark's Basilica (聖マルコ寺院 Sei Maruko Jiin?) is a church built to house the remains of St. Mark. It is also the magical core of Venezia.[1] It is a tourist attraction in Venezia.[2]


In AD 829, some merchants brought the remains of St. Mark into Venezia, displaying the attitude of "wanting to protect the sleep of an Apostle".[3] This was a way for Venezia to create a religious environment similar to the Vatican protecting St. Peter's remains. At the same time as the remains were brought in to Venezia however the already belligerent Roman Catholic Church has completed a weapon against, La Regina del Mare Adriatico.[4]

The St. Mark's Basillica was then built. It is a magical core that was built over water. It is meant to preserve the remains of the protector of Venezia—St. Mark.[2]

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