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St. Peter (聖ペテロ Sei Petero?),or simply Apostle Peter, is a Saint, one of the most famous twelve apostles of the Son of God, one of his first disciples with his brother of St. Andrew, and eventually the leader of the church following the Ascension of Jesus and the Pentecost.


One story tells that Saint Peter once confronted Simon Magus, a magician known for attempting to buy sacred acts. When Simon flew freely through the sky, Peter said "Oh, demons carrying this magic user, promptly let go!!", causing Simon to lose the ability to fly and fall to his death.[1]

According to tradition, he reportedly served as leader of the Church in Rome, and is thus honored by the Roman Catholic Church as the very first pope. It is in Rome that he was eventually executed by being crucified upside-down (as per his request not to die like the Christ), having intended the date and the place of his death so that a special cross could be erected on his tomb and serve as the future center of the Christian faith.[2]

Magic based on St. PeterEdit

  • A widespread anti-flight spell is based on the story regarding his confrontation with Simon Magus. Executed by uttering the same phrase spoken by St. Peter, it prohibits magical flight and casts the target down. Due to being simple yet powerful and effective, and based on a famous story, flight is effectively restricted for all modern magicians.[1]
  • The Croce di Pietro, one of the Ten Holy Artifacts of the Roman Catholic Church, is named after St. Peter and was erected on his tomb, where it was first used, leading to the formation of the Vatican.[2] The artifact, only usable on a specific date for a specific location, absorbs the light from constellations above the area, forming a magic circle and rendering the area a dominion of the Roman Catholic Church along with its inhabitants.[3]

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