stand still is the special insert song sung by Iguchi Yuka. It is used as the ending theme for episode 11 and episode 14 of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime. After the song is initially inserted the visuals slowly fade into a new visual of Kamijou Touma and Misaka Mikoto.[2][3]


By order of appearance:


Japanese English
Wasuretai kotae agaitatte
Kimi wa mou inai hibi datta
Nani mo dekinakute arigatou mo
Iezu koraeta namida wa ochita
Try as I might to forget everything
Nothing'll change, since you're not there
I couldn't do anything, hold back my tears
Or even say "Thank you" as they fell
Ato hon no sukoshi tsuketa yubiwa
Kono mama de ite onegai
"Just a little longer," the ring you put on me,
Let me wear it, just one more day
Naitatte mou nani mo modotte konaitte
Nando itte mo watashi no kokoro rikai shinai
Egaita mirai no futari ga jama shite kurun da
All tears I shed could never bring you back,
I keep telling myself, over and over, but my heart can't understand
The future I thought awaited us keeps getting in the way
Itai hodo ni It hurts me inside


  • The animated sequence that is used for the ending theme in both episodes differ. In its first usage as an ending theme, Mikoto is in the foreground while Touma is in the background with his back to the audience, when it is used for the second time, the positions are switched, with Touma in the foreground and Mikoto instead in the background with her back to the audience.


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