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Stephanie Gorgeouspalace (ステファニー=ゴージャスパレス Sutefanī Gōjasuparesu?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. Debuting in Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2 as a mercenary, she is a close friend of Sunazara Chimitsu. In contrast to her friend, her preferred method in eliminating a target is not through using a rifle to snipe them from a distance but to use powerful explosives. Most of her appearances in the series are related to the Dark Side of Academy City.


Both Sunazara [1] and Thomas Platinaburg [2] have commented that her overall appearance is more of an actress or a model than a hitman. She has white skin, blond hair that reaches to her shoulders, and stands taller than her partner Sunazara and she is thin enough to have a model's figure. Sunazara also notes that her beautiful face just doesn't fit her line of work well, as the occupation has times when it is required for one to avoid any attention if possible.[1]

She is depicted as wearing a urban camouflage jacket and pants over her green shirt, as well as goggles.


Her personality reflects on her work. She is a ditz, which leads her to commit "heresy" on what assassins do. Instead of the silent and simple methods that her partner Sunazara Chimitsu uses, she prefers explosive and much more violent methods. An example of this would be her choosing to use a surface-to-air missile on a land target instead of her rocket launcher, though this isn't without cause because she chose it for the sake of "accuracy".[1]

Despite her reckless methods and her occupation as an assassin, she is bubbly person. Her reason for becoming a mercenary is that she wanted to make a difference in countries and places where war would just not stop and people lived in fear of conflict.[3] Because of her job in Anti-Skill and a teacher, she has a soft spot for children and would risk her life to save them.[4] She cares dearly for her partner and friend, Sunazara Chimitsu, whom she often talks to casually.[1] Indeed, after Chimitsu became indisposed in the insurgencies of Academy City's Independence Day, she openly declares revenge on Academy City.[2]

She is apparently a fan of Gekota, attaching straps to her rifle. Despite this, the character designer of Toaru Majutsu no Index, Haimura Kiyotaka, put them there for no reason.


Stephanie has been given a life of freedom in a peaceful country (likely referring to Academy City). Eventually she embraced her doubts about that tepid environment (or perhaps, was given the freedom to embrace them), so she determined to leave. The motivation for her to head to the battlefield as a mercenary is that she had been in a period where she was concerned with the twisted parts of society and could not stand to ignore those who were suffering. Moreover, she had been in a period that she would only be satisfied by helping people out directly with her own ability.[5]

Prior to becoming a mercenary, Stephanie was a resident of Academy City and received training from Anti-Skill,[3] it is unknown if she intended to join the organization. Regardless, she learned well from the organization. She became a teacher and learned esper containment combat routies during her tenure.[6]

As a mercernary her first job was apparently in Costa Rica, in which she would have died if not for the aid of Chimitsu, who saves her. After that point they became good friends, and Chimitsu has always made sure that Stephanie either did not risk herself on her would job or would teach her the necessary knowledge about being a mercenary so that Stephanie herself could avoid worst part of the actual danger.[5]

Stephanie developed her own mercenary style were she could fight at high speeds and in close quarters against her targets, at that distance she could perfectly control how to attack her target and which how much force, fact which allowed Stephanie to injure and not kill her target if the circumstance allowed it; Stephanie further surmised that Sunazara kept Stephanie around because he could not share that trait as a sniper rifle was a weapon of such strength that even a shot in an arm or a leg would rip off the limb and incur such pain and blood loss that the target would die regardless of where he was shot. If Stephanie's deduction was right, then Chimitsu was most likely "learning" from her mercenary traits and was trying to modify his own style in a way were he would not always need to kill the target.[5]


Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2[]

The Fourth Tuesday of July[]

On the Fourth Tuesday of July, Stephanie calls sniping old fashioned right to Chimitzu's face, who is at loss for words as he cleaned his gun. Stephanie tells Chimitsu that sniping has a lot of pointless things, specifically referring to the complex set up and conditions it needs to be successful, saying that it would make all the effort pointless if the target is not killed in one shot due to one misstep. Chimitsu doesn't reply, leading to Stephanie to mistake him for sulking, to which he denies. He then asks Stephanie as a fellow assassin, what other methods she thinks to carry out their jobs other than sniping.[1]

He shows them their next target: a bunch of people faking they have esper powers and have made an enemy of a group of overseas Chinese merchants. The group has been gathering money by saying that they'll develop esper powers in a different way than Academy City if they get the money. He then asks how she should take them out.[1]

Stephanie says that he misunderstood her, saying that not every single kind of sniping is old fashioned, just saying that using a sniper rifle for sniping is. She says that she is not denying the usefulness of every kind of sniping. Chimitsu is loss for words, to which Stephanie once again assumes that he is sulking, to which Chimitsu denies. Stephanie tells Chimitsu that there is no rule to say that sniping has to be done with a bullet, saying that with all the new weapons they have nowadays they should be finding ways to do things with them. Chimitsu asks him what she is trying to say. Here, Stephanie says bluntly that it would be easier to use a missile launcher.[1]

Chimitsu is once again stunned, much to Stephanie's consternation. She justifies her side, saying that it would be easier than regular sniping with a rifle, while a missile need only has to hit somewhere nearby and the target will be killed in the blast even if they are wearing bulletproof equipment.[1]

Chimitsu gives out a scornful life. Hearing this, Stephanie continues to justify her stance, saying that with her method, she can shoot 5 times the distance that a rifle has. Tired of her nagging, Chimitsu says that the job is hers, and that she can carry it out with whatever supplies she wants, to which Stephanie proudly accepts. As she takes her surface-to-air missile launcher for increased accuracy, Chimitsu says to her that she is a heretic, to which she says that it doesn't matter so long as she kills the target.[1]

The Fourth Friday of July[]

Three days later, much to Stephanie's denial, she has failed, with her targets surviving her missile launcher attack.[1]

Stephanie states that her target and his bodyguards died, but someone had hidden his body and the fact that he died from the news. She then mourns that the client isn't paying her. Chimitsu then reminds her that she shouldn't have used a missile, to which Stephanie says that Chimitsu never said anything of that sort. Ignoring her, Chimitsu changes the channels on the television, each one talking about the Stephanie's botched attack. Chimitsu then begins lecturing to her on how it won't matter to the client if the target is dead or alive as they are not "socially" dead. He reasons that the quality looked for in assassins is to have them reliably kill the target in every of the word. This is why they go out of their way to hide within heavily guarded areas just to kill a man in order to prove to everyone watching that the target is dead with as little damage as possible in order to prevent excuses being created, saying that a bullet to head is effective in preventing people from being fooled with excuses that the target is still alive. He then says that old-fashioned methods are used in modern times because of its effectiveness.[1]

He then asks what Stephanie is going to do now. As she has failed completely in killing her target "socially" as well, it would be hard for her to "re-kill" him. Stephanie is unable to reply, showing that she hasn't planned for the scenario, leading to Chimitsu to say that "stupid" isn't a strong enough word to describe her. Stephanie then becomes flustered and panicky. Seeing this, Chimitsu sighs and grabs his sniper rifle, telling her that they should go. She asks her if they are making a run for it, to which Chimitsu outlines that if she wants to survive the wrath of the client then she has to "re-kill" the target.[1]

Confused, Chimitsu points to the television, and says that the target must truly be alive and is not someone impersonating him. Chimitsu asks if she even saw the body, to which he adds, that even if she did it may have been a body double. He then says that the target must be using the opportunity to let the residents of the underworld believe he is dead to prevent further pursuit. Hearing this, Stephanie believes that she has chance, to which Chimitsu confirms, though mocks her ability as an assassin. He then adds that he will never die in an explosion no matter what. With those bitter words, Chimitsu heads out to kill the target for Stephanie.[1]


Main article: DRAGON Arc

Stephanie kills Thomas Platinaburg

On October 17th, she was hired by Platinaburg to eliminate Accelerator for revenge during the incident of Academy City Invasion Arc, but found out that Platinaburg was trying to use Sunazara Chimitsu's life as bargaining tool and so she eliminated him instead with the transmitter he had implanted into Sunazara's body.[2]

Stephanie faces Kinuhata Saiai

After fighting her way through 200 guards, she used the remaining Spark Signal terrorists to lure out Kinuhata Saiai.[7]

At one point she nearly defeats Kinuhata by exploiting the natural weakness of her ability: she forces Kinuhata to fight in the underground mall

The finishing blow about to land

(a place filled with restaurants) and detonates many propane tanks in order to rob the environment of nitrogen. However, as Stephanie is on the cusp of victory Kinuhata reveals that she always carries a canister of liquid nitrogen on her person in the event that natural nitrogen in the air is unavailable. Stephanie is defeated and later captured by the Girl in the dress along with Kinuhata.[8]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Agitate Halation Arc[]

Main article: Agitate Halation Arc

Stephanie Gorgeouspalace is taken out of prison and is forced to do work for Academy City. She is sent to School District 23 to deal with Dr. Matsusada who tried to leave Academy City illegaly. Despite her profession and style, she takes the job and is partnered with Yomikawa Aiho, much to Aiho's displeasure. For the capture, Stephanie chooses to use to custom gatling guns for the mission, and though Aiho protests on how they were to capture Matsusada alive, Stephanie proves her worth. She takes the lead and easily destroys the door of the room that Matsusada locked himself into as well as his escape routes.[9]

After cornering him, Matsusada says that they do not understand what's going on, and accuses them of being affected by Agitate Halation already. He tries to tell them of his fearful situation, but he apparently used the hibernation drug cp-191 on his person, making lose consciousness.[9]

St. Germain Arc[]

Main article: St. Germain Arc

Stephanie assists Hamazura Shiage, getting him to do odd jobs in order for him not to rely on criminal activities to provide for him and ITEM. She is first seen in School District 2, visiting Shiage just after he has finished testing a mass production version of the Dragon Rider with the AI assistance known as Aneri. She then offers Shiage the opportunity in helping her transport cargo in the Dianoid using the Power Lifter. Although hesitant, Shiage agrees despite not knowing how to drive on. He later learns how to use the machine by the time they arrive at the Dianoid.[10]

After arriving there, the two prepare to use their Power Lifters to transport a large die-like container to TV Orbit, which is found in the mid-level of the Dianoid. Despite learning how to use the Power Lifter recently, Shiage is able to use it well. As they begin transporting the container, Shiage notices Kanou Shinka slip into the cargo bay. He threatens him that he is the 6th-ranked Level 5 Aihana Etsu. Stephanie doesn't care about the threat, and tells him that he is a teacher and knows esper containment combat routines, scaring Shinka away.[6]

After St. Germain seals the Dianoid, preventing people from escaping and entering the building, the elevator that Shiage and Stephanie are in with their Power Lifters. As Stephanie is unable to communicate with TV Orbit on what they should do next, Stephanie decides that they must continue with their delivery even if the elevator has broken down. They escape into the elevator shaft while carrying the large container with the legs of their Power Lifter.[11]

They later break out of the elevator shaft and arrive at their destination. They later deliver the container to TV Orbit, and from there ask what has happened. The two discover that the Dianoid has been sealed preventing anyone from leaving. The woman from TV Orbit asks them if they could use their Power Lifters to break open the emergency stairs as they have done with the elevator doors. Stephanie makes an attempt but fails due to the carbon nature of the Dianoid. Stepahnie believes that they should wait for Anti-Skill to come and burn their way into Dianoid, but Shiage is adamant that there is someone behind the sealing of the Dianoid and that waiting is the wrong choice. Seeing it now as part of their job, the two later go down back into the elevator shaft and try to find the source of the sealing of the Dianoid and end it. Stephanie later pushes Shiage in order to give him the opportunity to solve what was happening.[12]

After Shiage teams up with Kamijou Touma, Stephanie notices them on the monitors, fleeing from Chambord spears. She springs into action, remembering her time as a teacher, making her want to protect Shiage and the others. She protects them from the Chambord spears using the Power Lifter, but is nearly overwhelmed by them. She is however saved by the arrival of Mugino Shizuri and the rest of ITEM. She notes to her that the suicide bomber that attacked ITEM earlier is still alive.[4]

As the battle against the St. Germains continue, Stephanie leaves her destroyed Power Lifter. She tells Takitsubo Rikou to hide in order to free up Mugino and Saiai as they would only restrict their movements as they will try to protect them. Stephanie later salvages some parts of her Power Lifter to construct a PDW. From there she continues to assist ITEM in battle.[13]

Stephanie later follows ITEM into the lowest level, where the graviton-style base isolation structure is located that St. Germain wants to use as a black hole bomb. They then join the rest of the heroes and Kanou Shinka in their confrontation against St. Germain.[13] During the battle, Stephanie acts as a bodyguard for Rikou and Index.[13] Using her PDW that uses compressed gas to fire mock bullets made of tungsten steel, Stephanie takes out the most of the St. Germains present.[14] With her help alongside Mugino and Saiai, they are able to buy enough time for Index and Othinus to analyze the St. Germains they have defeated, allowing Index to create a song that unravels the framework that makes up the St. Germains. The battle ends with Shinka dealing the final blown on the St. Germain that had tormented him.


As a mercenary, Stephanie is rather skilled in combat and the use of different types of weapons like handguns, missile launchers, etc. After barely surviving her first job, she was taught by Sunazara Chimitsu how to actually fight and survive in war zones as a mercenary. Eventually, she gained experience handling all sorts of weapons along with tactics on how to use them effectively.[5] Not only that, as an ex-member of Anti-Skill, Stephanie is trained in their style of combat and arresting techniques, plus also giving her experience on how to engage espers and understand their fundamental powers to search for a weakness.[3]

During her career as a mercenary, Stephanie specialized in high-speed close combat engagements at 10 meters or less where she could easily disable an opponent by shooting them in the arms or legs with a low-powered handgun, or knock them down and incapacitate them with hand-to-hand skills.[5] She's considered an oddity that can use light machine guns, semi-auto sniper rifles and other difficult to handle guns in the type of extreme close quarters gunfights usually only seen in movies.[9] She's skilled enough to apparently defeat around 200 bodyguards of Thomas Platinumburg on her own.[2]

Some notable weapons she has used are:

  • Light Machine Shotgun

    Light Machine Shotgun: Stephanie's custom personal weapon as a mercenary. It's a special gun over a meter long based on the type of rapid-fire machine gun that can be carried around but is usually used while fixed on a tripod. It has been modified so that it only uses custom shotgun ammunition, and has a box magazine that looks like it can hold 150 to 200 shots. When firing at close range, the light machine shotgun holds enough destructive power that it can transform an armored vehicle into what looks like a crushed can in a few seconds. Each individual bullet has a caliber greater than 5mm and they are shot very fast, as Kinuhata only heard one gunshot but her Offense Armor received 20 shots.[2][3][15]
  • Custom gatling guns: Stephanie used these weapons during one of her missions after rejoining Anti-Skill. These are two 20mm triple-barreled gatling guns that are over 2 meters long and can fire at a rate of 4,000 rounds per minute. Instead of a trigger pulled with the index finger, they have a button for the thumb with a safety cover over it. Two modified Academy City security robots follow Stephanie and are attached to the Gatling guns with thick belts, acting as self-propelled magazines. The gatling guns also have bipods with joints that use robot technology to absorb all of the recoil, allowing Stephanie to easily carry them and aim them in any direction just by twisting her wrist slightly, despite being weapons that would normally need to be staked into the ground to be used.[9]
  • PDW: Using parts she salvaged from the Power Lifter, she is able to ingeniously create a PDW while under fire. The PDW doesn't fire bullets like a regular gun or rifle but uses compressed air to fire mock bullets made of tungsten steel. Still however it is a very dangerous weapon as it can still riddle any regular human full of holes.[13]

Character Art Designs[]

Design Evolution[]

Stephanie's appearance remains static throughout the series. Due to her similarities with Oriana Thomson, Haimura decided to emphasize on her childish propensities.[16]



  • (To Sunazara Chimitsu, from Index SS2): "Actually, doesn’t sniping have a lot of pointless things in it? Whether it’s 5 mm or 7 mm, aiming for someone’s head or chest with such a small bullet is just pointless. Just a little bit of wind and the bullet’s trajectory is off, the target just has to sneeze and you’ve failed, and, if they’re wearing any bulletproof equipment, you might not kill them in one shot. That all just makes it pointless."
  • (From Index Volume 19): "Sunazara-san always shot small and compact weapons from a distance.But it seems a hell of a lot easier to just get up close and fire like crazy!"
  • (To Kinuhata Saiai, ibid): "Before I became a mercenary, I was a civilian in a peaceful country. I decided to go help the people caught up in war because I felt guilty happily enjoying peace while others suffered and lived in fear of guns, bombs, and mines."
  • (From NT12): "I’m the adult here! You fall into the category of children, too!!"



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