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Stiyl Magnus (ステイル=マグヌス Suteiru Magunusu?) is a magician affiliated with Necessarius and was Index's partner, together with Kanzaki Kaori, two years prior to the start of Toaru Majutsu no Index.

A formidable magician who uses runes and fire magic, he was the first magician and antagonist that Kamijou Touma faced in the series.


Stiyl's surname Magnus means "Great" in Latin. The name has been of common use throughout antiquity such as Albertus Magnus, a famous 13th century theologian who advocated the peaceful coexistence of science and religion, and is thought to have been a magician and alchemist.


Stiyl is a handsome young man with shoulder-length blond hair that is dyed red and it is styled on either sides. He wears a black priest robe and has a silver ring on each of his ten fingers, earrings on both ears, and a barcode tattoo under his right eye. Despite being the same age as Index, Stiyl is a tall man with a strong perfume smell, and is often seen having a cigarette in his mouth, as he is an extremely heavy smoker.[2] He claims a world without nicotine would be hell and that he dislikes Academy City since it's hard to get cigarettes as a minor.

Because of this and along with his personality, Stiyl seems more mature than Kamijou Touma despite being younger than him.

He is physically very weak, as shown when he was easily beaten by Touma with a single punch (though this is explained as Innocentius needing vast amounts of energy, rendering Stiyl's body weaker than most others').[3]


Stiyl has a short temper, but is actually kind as he cares about Index and is hinted to have affections for her; promising to protect her at all costs.

His failure to save Index's life without her losing her memories was his greatest regret. When he learns the Church lied to him and Kanzaki Kaori about Index's condition, he decides to disobey the orders to capture Index and allow her to live her life. He doesn't like Touma very much and often enjoys causing him discomfort when they are together, but still respects his abilities and the fact that Index can be happy with her current partner. Stiyl has to deal with the antics of Laura Stuart, even though she is his superior, when she is not performing her duties and is shown to punish her without a thought when she gets out of hand.


A younger Stiyl before Index's memories were erased.

He is a magician of Necessarius and specialized in rune magic, and was the partner of Index two years before the start of the Toaru Majutsu no Index timeline.

Before Index's memories were erased; he, Index and Kanzaki were close friends, as indicated by their interactions when they are altogether. Stiyl traveled around the world next to Index's side, to copy the original grimoires in her mind, he also accompanied Index to the Vatican as so another book can be implanted into her mind.

However, both Stiyl and Kanzaki received terrible news, that Index will die if her memories are not erased once a year. The church explains that since most of Index's mind was already used to contain the 103,000 grimoires and as such there wasn't enough space left in the brain for it to contain new memories, and since Index had photographic memory she wouldn't forget any unnecessary memory at all. This will kill her since she would use the remaining part of her brain for necessary functions, according to the church.[4]

Even then, both Stiyl and Kanzaki asked if there was any other alternative, though obviously they were told there wasn't. Both of them witnessed the deterioration of Index's body and were forced to erase her memories, weeping by her side.[5]

After her memories were erased, both of them tried to make new memories with Index and become her friends, though, the burden of doing the process annually, and then forcibly erasing her memories again was too much for them to handle, and they had given up. Because of this, it created a misunderstanding with Index, where she concluded that Stiyl and Kanzaki were after her and the grimoires inside her head and were enemies. Though they disliked the thought that she believed of them as her enemies, they allowed it to occur as it would detach Index from them, and giving her no reason to worry about losing the memories of her friends.[6]

Index eventually fled into Japan and into Academy City, with Stiyl and Kanzaki on her trail.

Stiyl promised that he will always protect Index whatever it takes, though it is unknown at which point in time he made this promise.[7][8] Stiyl also received his trademark barcode tattoo, ear piercing and rings after Index had her memories erased.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Index Arc

Main article: Index Arc

He's sent from England along with Kanzaki to retrieve Index and reset her memory. He's the first magician Touma fights in the series. He encounters Touma as he stood before an injured Index. He attempts to kill him but his spells at first seemed ineffective due to Touma's Imagine Breaker. He summons Innocentius who proves to be a tough fight for Touma. But he later finds a way to defeat his fire monster and punches him out cold.

He is later seen with Kanzaki observing Index and Touma's current condition, here he takes note on how happy Index is, and tells his dismay to Kanzaki on how they always take it away from her. Later, it is revealed that he has upgraded the runes he used on Touma, and now uses runic cards instead of printing paper with rune written on it with ink. Kanzaki utilizes his runic cards to trap Touma, and persuade him to hand over Index - even though she could have easily killed him and take her. Touma is defeated by Kanzaki, but not before he states their cowardice on giving up on Index, to make themselves look like enemies to her instead of explaining to her about her situation and to always be by her side when her memories are erased, and encourage her that there will always be happy memories that would await Index. Stiyl later shows up after his defeat and dispels the barrier that he set-up for Kanzaki's usage.

He appears three days later with Kanzaki to take away Index, but is convinced to take her away later in midnight. He and Kanzaki show-up in the Tsukuyomi Residence, to prepare for the ritual, where he chastises Touma for even considering in allowing Academy City to tamper with her body in order to cure her of her illness. However, Kanzaki later insists to give Touma more time with Index as so he can say his farewells to her. Stiyl reluctantly agrees and goes outside to await the appointed for the ritual on the removal of Index's memories.

Stiyl inspecting Index.

He later returns to Komoe's apartment, after he and Kanzaki hears an explosion. There, he and Kanzaki realizes that Index can use magic. Touma explains to both Stiyl and Kanzaki that the church was lying to them all along, and that Index will never die regardless of how much information she intakes in her brain, and that the church has implanted a spell on her that would assure that Index's body will deteriorate if her memories are not erased once a year.

Though at first he was disbelieving, her nevertheless was the first to assist Touma against Index who is using Dragon's Breath on him. He later summons Innocentius as so it would be Index's target of attack instead of Touma. Stiyl was successful long enough to hold Index off for Touma to turn Index back to normal. He and Kanzaki discover that Touma gets hit by the feathers of Dragon's Breath, and his eventual collapse.

They later take Touma to a certain hospital. Here, Stiyl writes a letter for Touma and tells a certain frog-faced doctor on how Touma ended up in his situation in detail. Shortly after that they decided to leave him and Index alone for the time being seeing as Index was happy for a change.

Deep Blood Arc

Main article: Deep Blood Arc

Some events in the anime adaptation and the original light novel differ, but is relatively the same.

Stiyl is sent as a representative of the Anglican Church to Academy City to confront the problem of Aureolus Izzard, who has taken over Misawa Cram School. He meets Aleister Crowley— though he calls him General Superintendent Aleister—in the Windowless Building, concerning the recent abduction of Himegami Aisa, a girl whose blood can attract and kill a certain organism (Vampire) by Aureolus Izzard. Aleister states that the science side will not intervene with the businesses of the magic side, but allows Stiyl to 'borrow' Touma for him to use, stating that he is shown as a level 0, a person that essentially has no powers and cannot leak any information from Academy City. Aleister also states that Touma cannot replicate the technology and techniques of the magic side.

Stiyl meets with Touma again—though unaware of his memory lost—after distracting Index. He threatens Touma that Index will be taken away if he doesn't cooperate and recruits him to the mission. They later meet-up outside of Kamijou Residence, where Touma discovers him applying runes around the perimeter to summon Innocentius as so Index can be safe from other magicians when they are away. Because of this, Touma suspects that Stiyl likes Index, though he drops the subject after seeing Stiyl's embarrassed expression.

After going into Misawa Cram School, they see a corpse from one the Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church—which has apparently been defeated by Aureolus, which gives Stiyl another reason to fight. Later, Stiyl abandons Touma to an attack by a Gregorian Chant Replica and is seen later to be the one to destroy the building's core for the Gregorian Chant Replica.

In the original novel, Stiyl confronts the Aureolus Dummy, and brutally destroys his identity by showing him that he is not the true Aureolus Izzard. He later cuts of the dummy's limbs and in its madness runs away, and then accidentally confronts Touma, who later angers him to the point of nearly suffocating him. Stiyl later appears after the dummy is closed to death, and asks if he has any last words, the dummy tells him his magic name. After declining a final prayer, Stiyl burns him. He is later confronted by the true Aureolus Izzard and loses his memory, and for the later part of his stay in Misawa Cram School, was totally unaware of its destruction by the remaining Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church and reconstruction by Aureolus Izzard via Ars Magna.

In the anime adaptation, however, he meets Aureolus himself and gets his memory erased and is sent to a playground. He is later cured of his memory loss by Touma, using his Imagine Breaker to punch him as revenge for using him as bait. They later reenter the building after seeing the remaining Knights of the Roman Catholic Church attack the building with the original Gregorian Chant, only for Aureolus to reverse and rebuild the building.

Stiyl ripped to shreds by Aureolus.

They proceed to rescue Index, who was captured by Aureolus as well as Aisa. While fighting him he tries to mentally break down his concentration of Ars Magna but has his skin torn away from his body by Aureolus' power. After they both scare Aureolus into thinking that Ars Magna can't bypass the Imagine Breaker, Stiyl returns to normal and saves Index before Touma defeats the Alchemist. He noticed how Touma used a Dragon arm due to Ars Magna's effect.

Stiyl later visits Touma in the hospital after his arm reattachment surgery (due to Aureolus cutting it off), and states that he had left Aureolus live but changed his appearance after he lost his memories & magical ability, essentially killing the man that was known as "Aureolus Izzard". Stiyl later leaves when Index and Aisa enters the room Touma is in.

Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

Main article: Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

Stiyl hears about the situation

In England Stiyl walks next to the Archbishop of Necessarius, Laura Stuart, who informs him about the rumor about the theft of the Book of Law which seems to indicate that the Amakusa Catholic Church is the culprit, The Amakusa Christians happen to be the group that was formerly under the lead of the Saint Kanzaki Kaori and is warned that Kanzaki's actions and stand on the matter make it so that her allegiance cannot be insured for this mission.

He heads to Japan and 'kidnaps' Index so that she could help out in the investigation, on which he teams up with the Agnese Forces leader, Agnese Sanctis. Touma eventually leads Orsola Aquinas to them but is quickly abducted by the Amakusa Christians. Later that day they plan on what to do next as the Amakusa Christians could only teleport away at a certain time in a certain location; while resting Stiyl disclosed more of his stand about protecting Index to Touma.

That night they set out to stop the Amakusas, then Stiyl gives Touma a British Puritan cross, that was originally meant from Laura to Orsola and stated that "this will protect you". Stiyl fights Tatemiya Saiji, the acting head of the Amakusa Christians, who easily deflects his spells since he was more focused on keeping Index safe from the fight than anything else. When Touma jumps in to the fry, they together tackle Saiji and knock him out. Stiyl binds him with his runes and hands him over to the Roman Catholics.

Upon learning that the Roman Catholics were trying to kill Orsola Aquinas Stiyl hears that Touma gave the Puritan Cross to Orsola and decides to send Touma home while using excuses that his involvement was already done with. He then proceeded to trace Orsola's location and sneak into the weak point of the barrier that the Agnese forces had set up; however before he could sneak in Touma rushes in and breaks the barrier, stating his intention of saving Orsola even if he has to face the 250 nuns; Stiyl then appears along with Index and the Amakusa Christians and fight the nuns for attacking one of their own, Orsola, stated that now that Touma gave her a Puritan Cross, she was part of the Anglican Church.

Daihasei Festival Arc

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Index)

In the the arc, Stiyl along with Tsuchimikado Motoharu, as members of Necessarius, and one of the few members of the church with friendly relations with Academy City, are sent out to deal with Oriana Thomson making a deal with the Stab Sword, and is forced to rely on a mission without Kanzaki Kaori. Touma later appears, and gives aid to the both of them, and here, Stiyl and Motoharu briefs Touma about the Stab Sword that is to be exchanged in Academy City, on how Kanzaki cannot be mobilized, and on Index to be kept away from the incident. Touma is the first one to make contact with Oriana, and contacts Stiyl and Motoharu. They later give chase to her, but end up in an abandoned automatic bus terminal, which ends with Stiyl forcing Touma to be useful as a bait by using his hand. After, Motoharu tells Stiyl to apply his runes on the buses, Motoharu and Touma plows towards Oriana's traps, but she gets away, though leaves one of her flashcards.

Stiyl activates the Motoharu's searching spell.

Motoharu creates a Magic Circle so they can determine Oriana's location with a 3 kilometer radius, with Stiyl performing the spell in his place. Immediately after, Stiyl is affected by a counterspell, causing him great pain. After a brief rest, he restates his determination to protect the world Index is in, and at any cause. Here, he uses the searching spell again, and though he is affected by the counterspell, the spell is able to determine Oriana's location. After, Touma and Motoharu fails to save Fukiyose Seiri from Oriana's bait, Stiyl is once again contacted by Motoharu to use the searching spell, telling Touma and Motoharu of Oriana's whereabouts. They later corner her after Motoharu contacts Stiyl to activate one of the rune cards that he set up on the buses a while back. After the battle with Oriana, Touma, Motoharu, and Stiyl meet again, with new information from Anglican Church. Regarding Oriana carrying a distraction for them, and the fact that the exchange is not actually about the Stab Sword, but of the Croce di Pietro, a powerful magical artifact that turns the territory it is established towards the ownership of the Roman Catholic Church.

Stiyl later takes a quick break after contacting Sherry Cromwell and Orsola Aquinas, and later meets Tsukuyomi Komoe, who berates him for being an underage smoker. Touma and Stiyl is later contacted by Motoharu, who saw Oriana and is now tracking her. While, Touma and Stiyl follow Motoharu's instructions, Oriana changes direction towards Motoharu, and Stiyl and Touma are unable to do anything about it. Motoharu's later reestablishes contact with them, after his battle with her, sending out instructions. Following them, Stiyl later comments that he senses blood, and later discovers that Himegami Aisa has been attacked by Oriana Thomson, mistaking her for a member of the Anglican Church due to her Walking Church. He later forces Touma to go forward and find Oriana, as Stiyl stays back and help Komoe, who was with Aisa, perform a healing spell she remembered back in the Index Arc. The spell was a success, and Aisa survives, though is in need of immediate medical attention, much to the relief of Komoe, who thanks Stiyl. He later contacts Touma to say that he needs to talk to Motoharu, telling him that he may have found a clue.

Stiyl and Touma before a fallen Oriana.

Stiyl later regroups with Touma and Motoharu after escaping Komoe, indicating her as similar to Index. With Motoharu's special position in Academy City, they travel to 23rd School District, where Oriana would be and where Lidvia Lorenzetti, the mastermind of the plot, would set the Croce di Pietro. Here, Stiyl tells them that it would be a bloodbath, to which Touma acknowledges. Sneaking around one of the airbases, they come upon, Oriana waiting on them for battle. After Motoharu is taken out of commission, Stiyl and Touma engage Oriana, but the former is quickly taken down, leaving Touma to duel with Oriana alone. After Stiyl comes to, he summons Innocentius, uncaring if hits Touma, and due to their queer combination and propensity to fight while fighting Oriana, she becomes confused and allows them to counterattack. This however, is short-lived as Oriana attacks Stiyl, putting him out of commission.

For the most part between Touma and Oriana's battle, Stiyl is unconscious. However, he later awakens to advise Touma to contact Motoharu, as Lidvia has planned a ruse all along with them. Stiyl is also awake when he witnesses Oriana's miscalculation, as the Night Parade covers the sky, preventing the Croce di Pietro to activate. Stiyl is later taken into intensive care afterwards for his injuries.

Academy City Invasion Arc

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

Before the invasion, Stiyl is in London doing some documents and notices one of which had Laura Stuart write something controversial, angered by this Stiyl barges into the Laura's private bath and demands some answers from her, but is continually teased by her even when he attacks her with his magic.

Document of Constantine Arc

Main article: Document of Constantine Arc

Lidvia and Biagio interrogated by Stiyl Magnus and Agnese Sanctis

He goes to meet up with the two high-ranking Roman Catholic clergy members under their bonds, Lidvia Lorenzetti and Biagio Busoni, in the Tower of London, along with Agnese Sanctis as his recorder, in order to interrogate them on what they know regarding God's Right Seat. Biagio sees them and his supreme arrogance still seeps through his weary visage and defies Stiyl and Agnese's presence, telling Stiyl to bring out the famous torture. He glares at Stiyl which makes Agnese shudder for she was under him and that she did him wrong, though Biagio makes no regard of her. But Biagio is not the only arrogant one, as Stiyl tells him not to underestimate Necessarius, for there are many ways to get information from them without having them alive. Lidvia then speaks. She tells Stiyl that they too do not care for trivial things such as that as well, but asks what is happening outside. To which Stiyl says that she can make a guess on what was happening outside. Lidvia's expression faltered, as she cared for the weak as there were the ones Lidvia reached out to. However, Biagio can only give a harrumph at the situation. Lidvia then says something which shocks and then irritates Biagio, have everyone in the tower released in exchange for what she knows. Stiyl does not yield, and in response to this, Lidvia with simple chanting has the Roman Catholic Church cross Agnese Sanctis has in her person to allow her to escape from her bonds. With a broken metal of her shackles did Lidvia threaten Stiyl with it, and in turn, he threaten her with his rune card. Agnese having recovered from the shock, took her arm with her, the Lotus Wand, but Stiyl signed not to interfere. He asks her if she though that he would allow her to take his life so easily, and Lidvia responds that she has no choice so long as he does not yield. But Stiyl remains firm in not having Lidvia get her way, and here tells her that Oriana has already negotiated with the Anglican Church and that their minds have been preoccupied with the same thoughts, to help the weak in the dark days ahead. Hearing this, Lidvia lays down her attack. Sitting down, she now confides to them the secret of the God's Right Seat.[9]

Regarding them, Lidvia says that they are a group working to obtain victory over original sin, surprising both Agnese and Stiyl. As Lidvia mentions that there is someone who does not have the original, Agnese asks who it is, to which Stiyl glares as a response. It is revealed to be the Holy Virgin Mary.[10] Agnese and Stiyl witnesses Lidvia's explanation on what she deems is God's Right Seat's true goals, which is to completely remove their original sin in order to attain some grand goal. Stiyl later exits the building with Agnese, discussing the veracity of Lidvia's statements. Stiyl suggests that they should take a break, to which Agnese responds that she wants to get it over with as soon as possible.[11]

After Stiyl and Agnese returns from brief sojourn, Lidvia says that the God's Right Seat's goal is to attain the right seat of God, a position that was once of Lucifer before his fall, a position that was equal to God. Lidvia states that God's Right Seat, once attaining the position on being the right side of God they will be able to use that power to evolve into an existence different again from an angel, which is the La Persona Superiore a Dio. This makes both Stiyl and Agnese frown at the thought.[12]

British Royal Family Arc

Main article: British Royal Family Arc

Laura Stuart orders Stiyl Magnus to take care of the situation surrounding Sky Bus 365.

During the Sky Bus 365 terrorist incident, Laura Stuart summons Stiyl to deal with the problem of the terrorist as her original plan was foiled by a third party. Stiyl asks the Knights of England to contact the Air Force since they have control over the military forces for his transportation.[13] Stiyl Magnus later hitches a ride on a large transport plane,[14] from the Royal Air Force.[15]

When Touma is caught by Eiker Lugoni, one of the terrorists, in a difficult predicament, Stiyl magically tells Touma that he is still an amateur and him hesitating in taking a life endangers others.[16]

Stiyl releasing his cards next to the plane.

Stiyl had the transport plane he was on come close to 10 meters next to Sky Bus 365, which was noticed by several people including Index, the captain, and the flight attendant. Stiyl has the back of the transport plane open up, allowing him to send out his rune cards out. With that he uses his flame sword to pierce the hull of the plane in the cargo hold. As the air rushed out, Eiker's body got sucked towards the hole, plugging it. Stiyl tells Touma that the plane is landing in 10 minutes, wondering if Eiker can survive his ordeal. He tells Touma that since he bear's being Index's manager, he would like for him to show him his resolve. As Eiker screams in pain, he tries to pull the pin, but Touma knocks the grenade away. He then mockingly tells Eiker to hang in there.[16]

British Halloween
Main article: British Halloween

Stiyl and people from the Anglican Church apparently remain in Edinburgh Airport afterwards. Later, when the coup breaks out, he and the others are later forced to engage against the empowered Knights of England. A nun who is part of the Anglican Church forces that are to attack Buckingham Palace, reports that without support, Stiyl's group one the battle in Edinburgh Airport, though says that it will take a while for their group to arrive at London.[17] Using the transport plane they have commandeered from the airport, Stiyl's group arrives near the end of the Battle of Buckingham Palace just after Elizard distributes the power of the Curtana Original to the citizens of the United Kingdom using the Union Jack spiritual item. Stiyl drops countless number of rune cards in order to summon Innocentius for the battle.[18]

After Fiamma of the Right himself arrives and activates Index's John Pen's mode using its external controller and her falling into unconsciousness shortly afterwards, Stiyl arrives at the scene enraged. He yells at Laura Stuart, disregarding the position of superior and subordinate, asking how long she's going to continue tricking others and hurting Index. Elizard tries to relieve the tension, stating that many safety devices are installed on Index are necessary measures to guarantee her basic human rights. The Queen states that if there was no device that allowed them to control her from London remotely, the danger of someone abducting her would be too great, and that the alternative was cutting off her limbs and keeping her inside the Tower of London. The Queen says it was a necessary evil as she had the 103,000 grimoires inside of her, something that can't be dealt with by just Stiyl's feelings. Hearing this, Stiyl shoves Laura away in anger. Elizard tells Touma that since the Collar was destroyed, it was impossible to make any predictions using their original plan. The malfunction with her occurred because they did not test the use of the external controller since the Collar has been destroyed. She says that if Fiamma of the Right attempts to access her knowledge while in her current state, it may even do more harm to her body. Elizard picks Index up in her arms and states that they will look after her in London as they were the ones that created her framework in the first place, so they will carry out specialized healing and will be attempting to cut off any interference from Fiamma. She points out however, that it will not be enough unless Fiamma is defeated and the long distance controller is destroyed, her safety cannot be guaranteed.[19]

Touma then tells Stiyl that he is going to punch Fiamma of the Right in the face and tells him to watch over Index. Stiyl gets angry at first, but he agrees when Touma points out that Necessarius may do more things to Index and how Stiyl would better able to protect her than him from them.[19]

World War III Arc

Main article: World War III Arc

During the epilogue of vol.20 Stiyl is seen arguing with Laura Stuart who activates the remnants of her own controller to use Index to fight back at Fiamma's. At the end Stiyl has no option but to try to restrain Index by force.

Stiyl facing Index, with multiple Innocentii

He spends the next two volumes attempting to restrain her, along with others but they were defeated. By using the traps inside the church and his own spells, he lasted long enough for Touma to stop Fiamma. After that he directed Touma on how to stop the flying fortress but also informed him of Archangel Gabriel's return. After the disaster is averted, Index, now free of Fiamma's control, asks him on where's Touma, a question for which he could not provide an answer.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc
GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo
Main article: GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

Innocentius was seen attacking Jörmungandr on the plane via laminated rune cards. Jörmungandr then pinpointed the exact location of Stiyl and proceeded to attack him from the air.

Shifting and Fluctuating World

Omega World: Paradise for all but one.

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, the cruel fate that made Index forget Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori and forced them to pretend to be her enemies have apparently not transpired. Index, Stiyl, and Kanzaki, along with other priests and nuns presumably from the Anglican Church, first appears in the park where Othinus puts Touma after recreating the world. Touma, already at the precipice of despair after seeing the "perfect world" and his continued conversation with his tormentor, is stunned by what he sees. Stiyl, Kanzaki, and the rest of the priests and nuns apparently waiting for Index to retrieve her soccer ball after she loses it, likely unaware of Touma's presence.[20]

Stiyl and Kanzaki are in the festival where they decide that Index should only have three things she could choose from for food, which Index naturally protested against as she feels that it's inadequate. All three of them are unaware that Touma passed by and saw Index, now determined to take his life to protect the perfect world.[21]

VS the World

After Touma decides to help Othinus and they spirit away to Denmark and just prior to the manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma, Stiyl Magnus is on a deck cruiser, surviving his battle against Jörmungandr. Stiyl receives a report from Kanzaki Kaori that Touma has disappeared along with Othinus, and that even members of GREMLIN are shocked by the turn of events resulting in their sudden retreat.

He then asks what they should do next, to which Kanzaki says, as he knows, that they are an anti-magician peace preservation organization and that they won't do anything until they receive official orders. Kanzaki says that they should be summoned before long. Here, Stiyl says what Kanzaki too is thinking, and that is that they may be tasked to fight Touma. Stiyl wonders what Touma is thinking though says that if Touma betrayed Index, he is not opposed to killing him.[22]

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

During the Crowley's Hazard invasion of the United Kingdom, Stiyl was doing his job in the Tower of London. When Touma was captured by the knights and brought to the tower as part of Aleister's ploy to destroy the core of the final barrier of the England-Londinium Fortress, Stiyl oversaw his interrogation and personally tortured him with magic. After Touma lost consciousness, Stiyl left briefly and came back to find him gone, having been freed by Othinus.[23]

Kamijou Arc

Main article: Kamijou Arc

Stiyl was present at Windsor Castle during the party celebrating Coronzon's defeat and was subsequently involved in the conflict which arose due to the emergence of the other Touma.[24]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Christmas Day Arc

Main article: Christmas Day Arc

On Christmas Day, Stiyl was dispatched to the site of George Close's attempted attack on the London Stock Exchange and arrived to see the man on fire, having failed to control the magic he had learnt online. Stiyl was remotely contacted by Leivinia Birdway, who was also dealing with the problems caused by R&C Occultics, and was told of the culprit's background and the treasures which Anna Sprengel had used to construct her company.[25]

Los Angeles Arc

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On December 26th, Stiyl and Kanzaki travelled to the deserted Los Angeles, along with Touma, Index and Othinus, following the disappearance of the city's population as the joint counterattack against R&C Occultics was initiated.[26]

Other Appearances

Side Stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Stiyl

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Stiyl

Stiyl is tasked to go to Academy City to stop the plans of the Dawn-colored Sunlight Magic Cabal, there he meets Patricia Birdway, the sister of its leader, a powerful magician known only as Birdway; in order to complete his task he needs to protect Patricia Birdway while fighting off another powerful fire magician.

Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion

Stiyl is ordered by a higher up (presumably Laura Stuart) to stop a magic cabal that has infiltrated Academy City. He sets up traps for them in the city, one of which is destroyed by Kamijou Touma. After a humiliating battle where Touma stays his hand from punching him, Stiyl relates to him and Index that a spell has been set up in the city, which would threaten to burn it down. From then on, Stiyl relates information and support from the shadows, and is the first one to notify them of the space elevator that could be used by Ureapaddy Exica. He later accompanies Touma, Index, and Sozty to the place where Endymion is under construction and is forced to distract Anti-Skill in order for Touma and the others to confront Ureapaddy.

Anime Appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan

In the first episode of the Index-tan specials, Stiyl parodies Wilhelmina Carmel's role in the Shana-tan as the affectionate stalker of the main character, while having a reserved post for him to stalk from. Stiyl first appears in the sketch where Kanzaki beats up some unknown person (presumably Touma as the scene was taken from Touma's fight with Kanzaki) while asking her questions regarding her seiyuu. He reappears in the scene where Touma destroys Index's collar, wherein Touma accidentally encourages Stiyl and Kanzaki to become the main characters, changing the end credits. Stiyl is the last character seen in the final sketch, stalking Index-tan who is with Touma.

Stiyl reappears in the third episode where he is scolded for using Innocentius in the confined space of the Church of Orsola.

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

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Stiyl appears once again as an enemy before Touma, and with his three apprentices, Marie Spearhead, Mallybath Blackball, and Jane Elves, sent to abduct Meigo Arisa, an esper who is believed to be a Saint, which could cause a war between science and magic sides.

Their first attempt fails after being overwhelmed by Shutaura Sequenzia and her Black Crow Unit, being forced by Kanzaki to retreat. He later tells Touma after he inquires of it, on why they are after Arisa. They later gain new orders after it was discovered that Ladylee Tangleroad plans to use Arisa as the core for her magical device, the Endymion. They once again abduct her, and is once again defeated.

Later, he and Motoharu visit Touma in the hospital. Here, he tells him of Ladylee Tangleroad and her plans, and since late was the hour in which the plans of Ladylee have come, he either needs to destroy Ladylee or destroy its core, Arisa, as Ladylee's spell could destroy the world. Touma as expected does not abide by what Stiyl must do. He and his witches later infiltrated the Endymion to continue with their mission, fighting off its automated weapons. Motoharu later calls him after he discovers from the Anti-Skill lines that he should go out and destroy one of the explosive bolts. Stiyl agrees with Motoharu's plan, and though injured, he summons Innocentius, destroys one of Ladylee's automatons as well as the explosive bolts. As Endymion begins breaking away, Stiyl later carries all three of her witches to safety.

He is last seen in England, berated by Mallybath for smoking while he recovers.

Video Game Appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)

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Stiyl is one of the playable characters in the Toaru Majutsu no Index video game. His character’s moves are centered on his cards that he can set up as traps against opponents.

Non-universe appearances

Video Game Appearances

Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus

Stiyl as shown in the game's website

The antagonist of the game will make a fake Stiyl for the player to fight. Later, Stiyl can be summoned to use his Innocentius when one uses Index.


While Stiyl is not present in the game, his Rune card is an equipable item for the player.


Stiyl is a magician who specializes in Fire Magic and Runes. His magic name is Fortis931, "I prove why my name is the strongest here" (我が名が最強である理由をここに証明する Waga Na ga Saikyō de aru Riyū o Koko ni Shōmei suru?).

  • Runes: Stiyl uses runes placed on cards to activate various things such as create a field that no one can enter or summoning Innocentius. He states that he has completely analyzed the current twenty-four character runes and created a new power using six character runes.[1] It's said that he has created a rune after studying the pre-existing runes. However, the runes he uses in episode 2 stand for 'torch' and 'Aesir' when translated, which could roughly be translated as 'torch god.'
  • Fire Magic: Stiyl uses Fire Magic based on runes primarily and is very skilled in it, able to manipulate fire and heal burns. He is also capable of burning the face off people and recreate it to a new face, shown when he changed the physical appearance of Aureolus to prevent Izzard being captured.[27] This is linked to his ability to heal burns.[28] Kanzaki Kaori pointed out that Stiyl also has the ability of detecting someone who is hiding thanks to the person's body heat.[29]
  • Mirage creation: Stiyl is capable of using his fire base magic to manipulate heat, changing where the light gets refracted and create visual illusions to trick the enemy's sight.[30][27] Stiyl can create up to three dummy layers to trick opponents that might be able to track his magic to pierce his normal illusions: the first is the actual mirage illusion of them fleeing within the back alley, the second is creating an artificial presence to trick the enemy that realizes the visual illusion and tries to track his magic by activating one of his rune cards; and the third is activating it all such that the original magic power that activated the spell is disguised.[31]
  • Cigarette Smoke Signal: Stiyl can use the smoke from his cigarette (and possibly from any smoke source) to create symbolic patterns that allow for him to transmit messages through the air.[32]
  • Mental Diagnosis: When Patricia Birdway was struck by a mental attack, Stiyl diagnosed her along with help from Theodosia Electra. In both eastern and western magic, a cigarette is used as a spiritual item that carries out changes of mental states, so it can be employed to investigate minds. Stiyl remarked that the spell would be perfect by also using alcohol. After Theodosia lighted a cigarette using her matches, Stiyl blew some of the smoke on Rune cards and put them on the forehead, chest and stomach of Patricia. By using the fire and the smoke as a common item, the three people were bound magically. Then Stiyl used the incantation “I A T W C P H I S K W O T D O T H. (This hand connects to a wavering heart and acts as the key to open that door.)”, which causes the flames of the cigarette and the match to become fixed in place. The Spell allowed Stiyl to use the smoke touching Patricia's skin to analyze the inside of her mind and reproduce its condition within his own brain. That was so he could learn what was affecting her and then find a countermeasure.[33]


  • Squeamish Bloody Rood (吸血殺しの紅十字 Kyūketsu Goroshi no Kurenai Jūji?, lit. "Crimson Cross for Vampire Killing"): Creates a red flame sword from his right hand and a bluish-white one from his left hand. Stiyl then swings the two flame swords horizontally so that they slice the enemy from left and right like a pair of scissors.[2]
  • Flame Sword (炎剣 Enken?, lit. "Flame Sword"): Creates a 3000 degree C° flame sword.[2]
  • Innocentius (魔女狩りの王 (イノケンティウス) Majogari no Ō (Inokentiusu)?, lit. "King of Witch Hunters"): A 3000-degree-Celsius fire monster summoned with a lengthy incantation and rune cards. It is a pope-level spell which can't be destroyed unless the runes are removed or Stiyl becomes unconscious[34], there is also extreme cases when Innocentius self-regeneration ability is overwhelmed and thus is destroyed by the damage.[35] Due to this spell taking up a lot of energy, Stiyl's body weakens tremendously from its use. It should be noted that Innocentius active range matches the area where the runes are located, so it can't move outside that area. Innocentius has the ability to create a large red cross of fire that is used to smash objects. Stiyl can also summon Innocentius, seemingly without using any rune card or chant, merging two flames in his hands and directly throwing the fire monster against the target.[36]

Spell Chants

Flame Sword

First shown in volume 1,[2] Stiyl has used 2 different incantations when summoning a flame sword, one is for wielding one and the other is for wielding one in each hand, a red one in his right hand and a bluish-white one in his left hand.[2] The actual differences in the characteristics of the swords haven't been detailed. In the anime, this was changed so that the first chant doesn't match a fire sword but a fire whip.[37] In the Stiyl SS he uses a new chant for creating both a single flame sword and the two flame swords.[38]

When wielding one:

  • Original Languague : “Kenaz.” “Purisaz Naupiz Gebo.”
  • English : "Flames." "A gift of pain for the giant."
  • Kanji : 炎よ――― ―――巨人に苦痛の贈り物を

When wielding two:

  • English : "Ash to ash..." "...Dust to dust..." "...Squeamish Bloody Rood!"
  • Kanji : 灰は灰に―――  ―――塵は塵に―――  ――――――吸血殺しの紅十字!!

Second chant:

  • Original language: "G A S T T H. T F I A S T R I C!"
  • English: "Bring the flames to my hand. Its form is the sword and its role is execution!"


First shown in volume 1[2]

  • Original Languague : "(M T W O T F F T O) (I I G O I I O F) (I I B O L A I I A O E) (I I M H A I I B O D) (I I N F I I M S) (I C R M M B G P)"
  • English : "(One of the five great elements from which the world is constructed.) (The great flame of the beginning.) (It is a light of blessing that raises life and a light of judgment that punishes evil.) (It is overflowing with calm blessings and with freezing misfortune that destroys cold darkness.) (Its name is fire and its role is the sword.) (Be manifested and become the power that eats into my body!)"
  • Kanji : (世界を構築する五大元素の一つ、偉大なる始まりの炎よ) (それは生命を育む恵みの光にして、邪悪を罰する裁きの光なり。) (それは穏やかな幸福を満たすと同時、冷たき闇を滅する凍える不幸なり。) (その名は炎、その役は剣。) (顕現せよ、我が身を喰らいて力と為せ――――――ツ!)

People-clearing Field

  • Original Language: "T P I M I M S P F T"[39]
  • English: "I hereby make this place my refuge"

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Stiyl's design has changed a little since the first preliminary design of his character, with little additions such as skull strap for his cellphone to match his design. A common theme that Haimura Kiyotaka went for Stiyl and Kanzaki is that ever since their introduction in Volume 1, the gap between age and appearance in the magic side characters has been much greater than in the science side characters. When he read the first draft of Volume 1, he came with the impression that it was the story of children rebelling against the reasoning of adults. Stating that:"...I thought Kamijou would have seen Stiyl and Kanzaki as adults that used reasonings and principles that a child would refuse to accept." Haimura believed that the Index novels would go on for so long, as such he went with the designs that did not match their age, and by volume 7 Haimura began regretting his decision.[40]

As for Innocentius, its design has been settled since its inception, however, Haimura comments on how he would've loved to draw a pagespread for it.[40]



Stiyl's Rune card with bladed border

  • In the omake of manga volume 3, a joke is played out where Stiyl adds a bladed border to the Rune cards, and uses them to bypass the Imagine Breaker by using them as darts.[41]
  • Stiyl can apparently eat food with a cigarette in his mouth.[42]


  • (To Index in the Volume 1) "You can go ahead and sleep soundly. Even if you were to forget everything, I will never forget a single thing. I will live for you, and die for you."
  • (To Touma in Volume 2) "《Don't smile with everything》《Are you ready to die?》」" (said in English).
  • (To Touma in Volume 7 on the topic of Index) "For that child, I can burn the living to death and the dead to ashes, no matter whether it is done in front of her or behind her back. If you no longer have meaning for her I can burn you to nothingness."
  • (To Touma after being told to sit out the issue of Fiamma in volume 18)“…Are you serious? Are you telling me to sit back and not go after the person who did this to her!?
  • (To Jörmungandr from NT volume 8) “You may think it is reliable and not very interesting, but that is why it has no weaknesses. For one thing, that which stands before you has no concept of damage. Go right ahead and attack it and crush it as much as you want. I do not have time to deal with small fries.”


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