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Stonehenge (ストーンヘンジ Sutōnhenji?) is an ancient stone circle located on Salisbury Plain, England. It is both a world heritage site and a magical site with many possible uses, and as such is monitored by many factions, both magical and non-magical.



There are various theories as to what Stonehenge may have originally been used for, though the actual reason for the stone circle is not known. Among these theories are ones that suggest the circle might perhaps be the grave of a powerful person, a site for sacrifices or an observatory to track the sun and stars, and with them the changing of the seasons. Even the Anglican Church, who still make use of Stonehenge for some ceremonies, don't know why it was originally constructed - as such they allow people to form their own opinions and gather ideas that some experts might overlook.[1]

However, though the stone circle may have originally had only one use, due to the many theories and interpretations built up over the years that is no longer the case. Using these different theories, different magical symbols can be produced like the functions of a Swiss Army knife and hundreds of different types of Magic can be used.[1]


Due to the nature of Stonehenge as both a magic site and a world heritage site, various groups of different affiliations are present in the area around the site. These include the Highways Agency, which has a division specifically for dealing with trouble around Stonehenge, environmental protection groups, university geology research groups, city workers and souvenir shop owners who've formed a vigilante group.[1] Magicians are mixed in among the various groups, all of whom are monitoring one another. This situation has been created so it would be hard to difficult where the real magicians were and any attempt to eliminate one group would alert the others to one's presence. However this set-up is ineffective if a group that is under attack is isolated, such that the other groups have no idea what is happening to it.[1]

Having gathered a large number of ideas and interpretations, the Anglican Church has data on the many different kinds of Magic that could be used with Stonehenge and can detect attempts to use the circle in those ways. However they haven't necessarily covered all of the possibilities, meaning that a spell based on one they've missed can slip past their detection, like a brand new computer virus.[1]


Necessarius Special Admission Test SS

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After obtaining the data they required from the R'lyeh experiment, a group from Dusk Waiting to Awaken led by Vase proceeded to Stonehenge in order to construct the spell Blank Paper,[2] using the circle's function as an observatory as well as a clock and calendar.[1]

Isolating and dispatching several of the Anglican groups stationed around Stonehenge, Vase and his men interfered with the circle itself using the experimental data, slipping past the Anglican's detection. While their comrades continued the work, the rest moved to intercept the arriving Amakusas. The two groups clashed but the battle ended abruptly due to a sudden attack by Freadia Strikers.[1]

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