The Strange

The streets of The Strange.

The Strange (ストレンジ Sutorenji?) is the term used to refer to an area located within School District 10, Area G of Academy City.[1] It is an area where there is a high prevalence of gang-related activity especially Skill-Out gangs and is the stronghold of Big Spider.


It is notable for its vast urban decay, it previously looked like any other district in Academy City, like having wind turbines and cleaning robots, however it has fallen into disrepair. Trash and the remains of cleaning and security robots are scattered all around the streets of the area, its walls are also covered in various graffiti. Machines such as cameras and wind turbines have either stopped working or broken beyond repair. The area holds a large amount of old and abandoned buildings, some of which are currently being used by gangs.


TheStrange youths

Youths on the streets of The Strange.

A large number of level 0 espers reside within the area, many of these have formed gangs or joined Skill-Out. During Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko's visit to The Strange, one can clearly see many people sleeping and loitering on the streets, indicating that many people who reside here are in a destitute state[2].


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Big Spider ArcEdit

Main article: Big Spider Arc

The Strange is featured prominently during this arc, here it is revealed as the stronghold of many Skill-Out gangs, especially Big Spider which has increased its attacks on espers. It is later raided by Anti-Skill, in an effort to stem the violence. It is unknown what happened to The Strange after the raid, though Anti-Skill may have only performed the raid to stop Big Spider.

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