Summer Resort

Interior of the Summer Resort

The Summer Resort (避暑地 Hishochi?) is a nuclear shelter for VIPs in Academy City found in School District 22.


Cross-section of Summer Resort

A partial cross-section view of Summer Resort

It is a nuclear shelter for VIPs and the private property of a member of the Academy City Board of Directors. It is located a few hundred meters below the ground in the underground city developed in School District 22. There are both stairs and an elevator leading into it. The inside is made to be like a luxurious villa and it even has special lines for net conferences. It has enough oxygen and food inside for someone live comfortably for an entire year. Piles of money are also stored inside the shelter.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Battle Royale ArcEdit

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As it was not used often, Baba Yoshio deactivated the security and used the shelter for himself. From the inside he provided support for the Professor by remotely controlling the four-legged robot always found near him. After the Professor's defeat by Kakine Teitoku, Yoshio attempted to escape the Summer Resort but was trapped inside before he could. Yoshio hears water, and believed that water was poured in from above the shelter and both the elevator and stairs out of it were blocked. He asked for Xochitl to help him escape, but discovered that she didn't need him for her purposes and she told him that she didn't have time to clean up his mess. Later, the communication cable was also cut leaving him completely trapped within. Despite being trapped in such a safe place with food and water to last him an entire year, he quickly panicked and lost himself in his fear and imagination.[1]


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