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Sunazara Chimitsu (砂皿 緻密 Sunazara Chimitsu?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is a mercenary famed for his sniping skills, and is known by both Anti-Skill and the Dark Side of Academy City. His career virtually ends during the events of October 9 after he is grievously injured during a battle against ITEM as an operative of SCHOOL.


He appears as an adult man with strong facial features. He wears his black hair short. He is described as solidly built and tall, though not as tall as Stephanie Gorgeouspalace.[1]


He is serious in his job and prefers to use sniping rifles in contrast to his friend Stephanie, who uses explosives and missile launchers, much to his dismay, calling her a "heretic" in assassination. Despite this, he has a soft spot for Stephanie, able to talk to her casually and lecture her about things.[1]


Not much is known about Chimitsu. It is known however that during Stephanie's first job, which was in Costa Rica, he apparently saves her. After that point they became good friends, and Chimitsu has always made sure that Stephanie either did not risk herself on her would job or would teach her the necessary knowledge about being a mercenary so that Stephanie herself could avoid the worst part of the actual danger.[2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Battle Royale Arc

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He is hired by SCHOOL as a replacement for the sniper that was killed by ITEM three days prior to the start of the arc for their plans on assassinating Oyafune Monaka.[3] According to Tsuchimikado Motoharu he was employed just from the ¥700,000 referral fee, and thus he's one nice bargain item for SCHOOL especially at such short notice.[4]

Sunazara adjusts the MSR-001 to assassinate Oyafune Monaka.

He then meets up with Management to aid with the operation, preparing a MSR-001 as the weapon as well as the plans for the assassination.[4] During Oyafune Monaka's address to the students regarding suffrage for the children of Academy City, he attempts to take a hit on Oyafune Monaka. He first disables the Wind Defense devices protecting her from the sniping, but doing so alerted the presence of Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Accelerator.[5] Before he can shoot her, his efforts are foiled by them creating a commotion, an explosion, forcing Monaka and her bodyguards to leave in haste. Realizing that it was too late and that shooting Monaka would be close to impossible, Chimitsu decides to retreat. Before doing so however he decides to investigate the explosion. Here, he sees that the explosion came from the Wind Defense and later sees Accelerator emerging into the scene, staring directly at Chimitsu. As he disassembles his rifle and begins packing up, he promises to remember Accelerator's face.[6] Despite his failure, his attempt allowed SCHOOL to easily infiltrate the Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory due to the change of security in response to the assassination attempt in order to steal the Tweezers.

Sunazara snipes Kinuhata (not pictured)

Later, after Frenda Seivelun betrayed ITEM's location to SCHOOL, he and the Girl in the dress accompany Kakine Teitoku to attack the Private Salon in School District 3. He is in the lobby when he begins shooting at Kinuhata Saiai. Although the force of his bullets using the MSR-001 is able to knock her back her ability the Offense Armor protects her from being killed by them. After analyzing the bullets, Saiai is able to determine Chimitsu's hiding spot. From there, Saiai uses Handheld anti-tank missile warheads to attack his approximate location. He is later presumed dead by even Kakine.[7]


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Sunazara in a coma

He survives the blast, though grievously wounded and was kept alive by Thomas Platinaburg to use as a bargaining chip to hire Stephanie Gorgeouspalace,[8] although his body was tampered with in an attempt to assure Stephanie's cooperation.[8] Later it was revealed that he was the mentor figure for Stephanie Gorgeouspalace, who would seek to avenge him in by killing Kinuhata Saiai.[9][2][10]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Agitate Halation Arc

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Despite still being in a coma, according to Stephanie Gorgeouspalace, Chimitsu is hired by Academy City to lend his sniping experience via electronic equipment.[11]

Other Appearances

Side Stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

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The Fourth Tuesday of July

On the Fourth Tuesday of July, Stephanie calls sniping right to Chimitzu's face, who is at loss for words as he cleaned his gun. Stephanie tells Chimitsu that sniping has a lot of pointless things, specifically referring to the complex set up and conditions it needs to be successful, saying that it would make all the effort pointless if the target is not killed in one shot due to one misstep. Chimitsu doesn't reply, leading to Stephanie to mistake him for sulking, to which he denies. He then asks Stephanie as a fellow assassin, what other methods she thinks to carry out their jobs other than sniping.[1]

He shows them their next target: a bunch of people faking their esper powers and have made an enemy of a group of overseas Chinese merchants. The group has been gathering money by saying that they'll develop esper powers in a different way than Academy City if they get the money. He then asks how she should take them out.[1]

Stephanie says that he misunderstood her, saying that not every single kind of sniping is old fashioned, just saying that using a sniper rifle for sniping is. She says that she is not denying the usefulness of every kind of sniping. Chimitsu is loss for words, to which Stephanie once again assumes that he is sulking, to which Chimitsu denies. Stephanie tells Chimitsu that there is no rule to say that sniping has to be done with a bullet, saying that with all the new weapons they have nowadays they should be finding ways to do things with them. Chimitsu asks him what she is trying to say. Here, Stephanie says bluntly that it would be easier to use a missile launcher.[1]

Chimitsu is once again stunned, much to Stephanie's consternation. She justifies her side, saying that it would be easier than regular sniping with a rifle, while a missile need only has to hit somewhere nearby and the target will be killed in the blast even if they are wearing bulletproof equipment.[1]

Chimitsu gives out a scornful life. Hearing this, Stephanie continues to justify her stance, saying that with her method, she can shoot 5 times the distance that a rifle has. Tired of her nagging, Chimitsu says that the job is hers, and that she can carry it out with whatever supplies she wants, to which Stephanie proudly accepts. As she takes her surface-to-air missile launcher for increased accuracy, Chimitsu says to her that she is a heretic, to which she says that it doesn't matter so long as she kills the target.[1]

Three days later, much to Stephanie's denial, she has failed, with her targets surviving her missile launcher attack.[1]

Stephanie states that her target and his bodyguards died, but someone had hidden his body and the fact that he died from the news. She then mourns that the client isn't paying her. Chimitsu then reminds her that she shouldn't have used a missile, to which Stephanie says that Chimitsu never said anything of that sort. Ignoring her, Chimitsu changes the channels on the television, each one talking about the Stephanie's botched attack. Chimitsu then begins lecturing to her on how it won't matter to the client if the target is dead or alive as they are not "socially" dead. He reasons that the quality looked for in assassins is to have them reliably kill the target in every of the word. This is why they go out of their way to hide within heavily guarded areas just to kill a man in order to prove to everyone watching that the target is dead with as little damage as possible in order to prevent excuses being created, saying that a bullet to head is effective in preventing people from being fooled with excuses that the target is still alive. He then says that old-fashioned methods are used in modern times because of its effectiveness.[1]

He then asks what Stephanie is going to do now. As she has failed completely in killing her target "socially" as well, it would be hard for her to "re-kill" him. Stephanie is unable to reply, showing that she hasn't planned for the scenario, leading to Chimitsu to say that "stupid" isn't a strong enough word to describe her. Stephanie then becomes flustered and panicky. Seeing this, Chimitsu sighs and grabs his sniper rifle, telling her that they should go. She asks her if they are making a run for it, to which Chimitsu outlines that if she wants to survive the wrath of the client then she has to "re-kill" the target.[1]

Confused, Chimitsu points to the television, and says that the target must truly be alive and is not someone impersonating him. Chimitsu asks if she even saw the body, to which he adds, that even if she did it may have been a body double. He then says that the target must be using the opportunity to let the residents of the underworld believe he is dead to prevent further pursuit. Hearing this, Stephanie believes that she has chance, to which Chimitsu confirms, though mocks her ability as an assassin. He then adds that he will never die in an explosion no matter what. With those bitter words, Chimitsu heads out to kill the target for Stephanie.[1]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: Uiharu SS

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On August 1, he is hired by the higher-ups and answers to Kouji Masakage of Anti-Skill to destroy an overpass leading to School District 3 as a vehicle carrying 1500 kilograms of hydrazine has been remotely hijacked by a terrorist and was heading there. He successfully destroys the overpass fulfilling his mission.[12]


As shown throughout the story, Chimitsu is a professional sniper, a traditionalist assassin in contrast to his friend Stephanie. He knows how the underworld works, and as such he prefers to kill targets with a shot to head where people can see in order for him to ensure that not only are the targets dead physically but also socially, preventing body doubles to take advantage of the situation and claim that the target is still alive.[1] Not only does he uses regular sniper rifles for assassination but also uses advanced weapons such as the MSR-001 as well.[6]

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