Sunny (鎖仁 (サニー) Sanī?) is a member of the Kamisato Faction and a fortune teller with her sister Rain.[1]


At some point in the past, Sunny came into contact with Kamisato Kakeru and ended up joining the Kamisato Faction.


Salome ArcEdit

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At some point while Kakeru and his faction were in Academy City, Sunny and Rain removed the electrodes which were keeping Salome in check and were attacked by her, putting them out of action.[1] Salome then took a list they had of individuals linked to the Kamijou Faction.[2]


Sunny and her sister are fortune tellers who can gather very precise information over a wide area using a globe which provides a weather map of the planet and the movement of the stars. They also sometimes scatter silver iodide or dry ice from an aircraft to alter weather conditions and guide circumstances in the direction they want. The two Weather Girls are a powerful presence with regards to the weather market and derivatives, and as such, their online trading is an important source of funds for the Kamisato Faction. As their fortune telling bypasses conventional data protection, they are valuable to the faction for gathering information.[1]


Kamisato Faction

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