Support Balloon (広域観測 (サポートバルーン) Kōiki Kansoku (Sapōto Barūn)?, lit. "Wide Area Observation") is a technology developed by Academy City, for use primarily for intelligence gathering but is also used as a weapon for places that are more difficult to spot for satellites and more difficult for regular infantry to access.


The exterior of the device looked like a helium balloon that was released with the camera attached to it, in a sense it looked similar to the Homing Camera that was used in the Daihaseisai.[1]


With the camera attached to it, it was released from a base that has a similar look to that of a hair spray. In the air, the camera is used to retain visuals and are used to gather information. This flight capability lasts for 30 minutes, afterwards even if it is left untouched it would splatter sooner or later due to air pressure. It is used to get to areas that are hard to reach by satellites or aeroplanes.

As a weapon, a timer is attached to the hair-spray-shaped cylinder at the bottom that allows the detection of the soldiers on the ground from where the balloon would float. Determined by the timer, the balloon will explode after a certain amount of time has passed.[2]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Baggage City ArcEdit

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This is first seen being deployed during the great distortion of Baggage City by Academy City forces, who first use to it search it for something, most likely the missing civilians of the city. Shar Berylan, was there to witness it's use.


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