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Suzushina Yuriko (鈴科 百合子 Suzushina Yuriko?) is the name given by Kamijou Touma to the crossdressing Accelerator he imagined.


Due to Accelerator's androgynous appearance, there is little change from his appearance. Yuriko is often depicted in a typical school uniform, like that of Touma's school, wearing a very short skirt revealing the legs. The most defining characteristic is the a flower clip on Yuriko's hair, similar to Saten Ruiko.

Her true sex however is unknown when she is initially imagined, though in the Index MMO she is referred to and treated as a female.


Touma first says the name after realizing that his class is going to get a transfer student. Realizing that with his terrible fortune, something quite bad for him might be the transfer student, first imagining Misaka Mikoto as the transfer student after faking her age, and then the name Suzushina Yuriko comes up, which was actually Accelerator. Of course, none of his wildly imagine theories were correct, and discovers later that Himegami Aisa is the transfer student.[1]

What's more, Haimura Kiyotaka drew a rough sketch of the character, which was later adapted by Kogino Chuuya for the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga adaptation.

Toaru Gakuen no Index[]

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Accelerator would later dress up as that character in the parody short story Toaru Gakuen no Index where the story has all the characters other than Touma play roles different than their established characters. Here, Accelerator appears as Suzushina Yuriko, He is using Redirection when he accidentally bumps to Touma as he is carrying books, leading to a prolonged gag of him crashing into several objects. He explains that his role is that of a character that suddenly appears without warning and a character that will not hate him no matter what he does to him. Hearing his explanation and seeing his appearance just makes Touma frustrated even more with the ridiculous situation he is in.

His rant is then interrupted by Aleister Crowley himself appearing, playing the role of the school board chairman. Seeing him for the first time, Touma punches him several times as he believes if he defeated him there it would solve everything in a global scale. After defeating him, Touma asks if it brought peace to the world, leading to Accelerator, or Suzushina in this case, to ask if that is how Touma usually does things.


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This article discusses intricacies or terms found in the fandom, it may not be found in the Toaru Majutsu no Index canon.

Although Touma refers to the name as simply an alias that Accelerator would use to enter his school as a transfer student that crossdresses, the Toaru Majutsu no Index fandom has taken it off, and often depicts Accelerator in fan art as a genderbent version of his character. This is likely due to the fact that his appearance is androgynous because of the effects of his power.[2]

Despite not an actual character, Suzushina Yuriko receives several artwork depicting the character as a female, and is often separate from Accelerator, often having a unique tag for the character, such as in Pixiv, a popular Japanese online community for artists.


She can pretty much do the same things as Accelerator, but it is unknown if she received the brain damage too (and with that the time-limit) and the Heel-face-turn which Accelerator showed in Vol. 5, though it has not been seen if she can use the Wings of Accelerator either. Since she was only mentioned in the Index Manga.

It is unknown if she is aware of the existence of the magic side or not, her abilities are centered around redirection, the fighting style which Accelerator used before the Sisters Arc.