Synchrotron (量子変速 (シンクロトロン) Ryōshi Hensoku (Shinkurotoron)?, lit. "Quantum Gear-Shift") is an esper ability that allows the user to manipulate the acceleration of quantum particles, making the ability similar to a particle accelerator.

Little is known about the ability, however, there is apparently a big difference between electron synchrotron, proton synchrotron, and heavy-ion synchrotron, indicating that there are many different kinds of synchrotron that specializes on a single particle, [1] one of which is the acceleration of gravitons.

A high level user of Synchrotron with the ability to accelerate gravitons can apparently create a bomb using the ability through the acceleration of gravitons and use of aluminum as a base.[1]

Known SynchrotronsEdit


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