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The System Scan (身体検査 (システムスキャン) Shintai Kensa (Shisutemu Sukyan)?, lit. "Physical Examination") is a regular city-wide testing event in Academy City to determine the power levels of the espers participating in it, and is part of the Power Curriculum Program. Each esper is given a different type of test depending on their power. The test then determines how powerful their ability is, how much control they have over it, and how easily it would grow.[1]



Attribute Card

Saten Ruiko's attributes and level, following a System Scan.

It is shown that one is tested in 6 attributes to determine one's level, each attribute has a grade for each one, and can strangely be an individual esper power in itself. Although it is unknown if this applies to every esper. There are only 5 attributes that are known as of now, these are: Precognition, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Telepathy, and Psychokinesis.[2] These attributes including the power level of the esper are later saved into the city's Data Banks.

In Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, it is shown that tests are different for each person depending on their ability. Such as having Clairvoyants having to guess what shape is printed on an ESP Card, and having espers with Telekinesis move the arrow of a scale on a specific angle.[3]

System Scan ResultsEdit

Having successfully finished a System Scan, one can either gain a level or remain on the same level, though it is unknown if an esper can actually lose a level.

However, the System Scan is not perfect, as one gains a Level 0 if the esper's power cannot be detected or measured, as is the case of Kamijou Touma, whose Imagine Breaker gives off no phenomena detectable by precision instruments, that is, no AIM, unlike a regular Level 0.[4] This applies to Sogiita Gunha as well whose powers cannot be truly understood and as such was categorized as a Level 5.


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Level Upper ArcEdit

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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun E01 04m 11s

A Tokiwadai Middle School student being tested with a Zener card.

The most recent System Scan was held on July 16, the day that Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko met Misaka Mikoto. At Tokiwadai Middle School, some of the ability testing included tests such as a tester holding up a card and having the esper use their power to figure out what shape is on the back of the card. Another test is seen to be having a telekinetic bend a piece of metal to a certain degree to determine their accuracy.[3]

It is seen that Shirai Kuroko's test involved seeing how far and accurate she could teleport a ball-sized object. Her result was that it was teleported to a distance of 78.23 meters away and was 54 centimeters away from the target. This confirmed her classification as a Level 4 Esper. Misaka Mikoto's test involved her firing her railgun into a pool several times. This was done with the pool as it was needed to dampen the destructive force of her power. Even with the pool, each railgun caused the water to shoot up higher than the nearby school building. It was also loud and powerful enough to be heard and shake up the entire nearby school area knocking Kongou Mitsuko onto the ground. Her test results found that her railgun had an initial velocity of 1,030 meters per second and she had a continuous discharge rate of 8 per min. Her accuracy was so good that in the test she had a target deviation of only 18.9 millimeters. This re-concluded that she was a Level 5.[3]

Later that day after classes at Sakugawa Middle School ended, Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari talk about their System Scan where each maintained their previous levels: Uiharu at Level 1 and Saten as Level 0.[3]

In a later episode, Level Upper users were scanned after they attended the class for them, here Saten and her friends discover that their attributes have increased, although their level remained.[2]


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