TV Orbit (テレビオービット Terebi Ōbitto?) is a television station operating in the Dianoid's mid-level.[1] It once had the famous male idol Hitotsui Hajime as a guest.[2]


The station takes up nearly the entirety of the mid-level. Part of it however is opened up for public, which includes, among other things, a viewing platform, a pool, and a gym. They are of course set up in a way that there is no overlap with the entertainers and production team.[1] There is also a rumor that there are hidden doors in the TV station for VIPs to pass through.[3]

List of programsEdit

The below list indicates their programs from December. It is unknown if any of the shows are retained in any other month.[4]

Name Date Description
Historical Prize Quiz (ヒストリア懸賞クイズ?) December 1st[4] A show that apparently uses cutting-edge technology. During St. Germain's sealing of the Dianoid, it was apparently using technology to see just how accurately an antique German grandfather clock can keep time.[5] Endou is the producer of the show.[6]
Quiz Video King Finals (クイズ動画王決定戦?) December 8th[4]
Craftsmen of the World (世界の職人スペシャル?) December 13th[4]
Afternoon Siesta (午後のシエスタ?) December 19th[4]
Music Stream Awards (ミュージックストリーム大賞?) December 24th[4]
Illumination Top Hundred (イルミネーション百選?) December 25th[4]
Christmas Backstage Secrets (クリスマスの舞台裏はこうだった?) December 30th[4] A program that shows a behind-the-scenes look around the station's backstage using a small camera.[2]
Enter the New Year Roaring with Laughter (年またぎは爆破で笑おうスペシャル?): December 31st[4]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

St. Germain ArcEdit

Main article: St. Germain Arc

Hamazura Shiage and Stephanie Gorgeouspalace are employed by Producer Endou to deliver technology to them for his show.[1] After successfully delivering the package, Shiage and Stephanie later learn that the Dianoid has been sealed for some reason from TV Orbit staff.[6] Despite this, the station still broadcasts programs for the day.

Much later, in one final desperate bid to deceive Kamijou Touma and his group, St. Germain takes over the studio in hopes of convincing Touma that he can turn people into St. Germains through television.[7] Touma easily sees through this ruse however,[8] though it is unknown what happened to the station afterwards after they were beaten and the seal on the Dianoid was lifted.


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