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Adoptees of Takebayashi Family

Silhouettes of the Takebayashi family adoptees, the family's emblem and their home

The Takebayashi Family (武林家 Takebayashi-ka?) is a family who sought to obtain a seat on Academy City's Board of Directors via Tokiwadai Middle School's Majesty position, several years prior to the main story.[1]


The family appears to be symbolized by a crescent moon and a rabbit.[1][2]

As with various other factions, the Takebayashi family sought to form strong connections and influence within Academy City. Hearing that attaining the title and position of Majesty at Tokiwadai Middle School would supposedly promise one a position on the Academy City Board of Directors, the family adopted multiple daughters and sent them to Academy City, in order to for one of them to enter Tokiwadai and acquire the position on their behalf.[1] There was apparently more than one generation of adoptees,[1][3] with the various candidates rivals to one another (although Takebayashi Yayoi was apparently well-liked by the younger adoptees).[1]

The Takebayashi family has several branch families, who took in their adopted children after the main family was rendered bankrupt,[1][4] including the Konoe family,[1] the Sha family and the Kessai family.[3]


At some point in the past, the Takebayashi family adopted multiple daughters to be sent to Academy City with the goal of at least one adoptee entering Tokiwadai and obtaining the school's Majesty title (and the alleged position on the Board of Directors it was supposed to promise). Takebayashi Yayoi was the only one to succeed in gaining admission to Tokiwadai.[1]

Four years prior to the main story, Takebayashi Yayoi was the head of Tokiwadai's biggest clique and having maintained that position over the course of a year, she was the top candidate for the Majesty title.[1] However, that same year, members of her clique were abducted. Having obtained information that they were being held captive at Tanrei Chemicals, Yayoi attacked the company, resulting in her arrest, with two dead and the abducted girls being recovered elsewhere (with Hasekura Reiri and Shin'enkouji Rurikakesu later discussing the possibility of Tanrei bribing Anti-Skill or having an esper falsify or eliminate evidence).[1][4] She lost her right to the Majesty title and was erased from Tokiwadai's records by the school's director, who covered up the scandal, though her name wasn't publically revealed in association with the incident,[1] and supposedly committed suicide in prison afterwards.[1]

Having heavily invested in her success, the Takebayashi family went bankrupt and the other adoptees were taken in by various branch families.[1] However, their plan was still in effect,[3] and two years prior to the main story, the adoptee taken in by the Sha family, Sha Danshan, entered Tokiwadai, and managed to make her own clique the largest in the school, while secretly manipulating events behind the scenes and plotting the school's downfall.[5] The next year, the adoptee taken in by the Kessai family, Kessai Kiyoshi, entered the school, secretly supporting her step-sister.[5]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

First Year Arc[]

Main article: First Year Arc

During the summer of Misaka Mikoto's first year at Tokiwadai Middle School, one year prior to the main story, Sha Danshan secretly carried out attacks on members of her rivals' cliques, using reproductions of abilities from the other clique via stolen items and her own ability, to spark a conflict between them.[5] When the plot was put at risk, she manipulated Montgolfier and Antikythera, companies whom she had previously leaked data to, into taking the fall for the attacks, eliminating the evidence and her pawns after the companies were taken down by the three cliques.[5]

Later in the year, while investigating the aftermath of the Antikythera incident and considering a connection to the cases of shady companies connected to esper development that had been brought down over the past year, Tanrei Chemicals first among them, Shin'enkouji Rurikakesu consulted with Hasekura Reiri, who told her what she knew of the covered-up scandal involving previous Majesty candidate Takebayashi Yayoi.[1] Ruri subsequently tracked down Konoe Nagisa, who fearing abandonment had tried for something in the underworld and garnered Spark Signal's attention, for questioning. Ruri learned from herself that the Takebayashi plan was still in effect and that the Sha/Kessai adoptees were the ones currently at the school.[1][3] Shortly afterwards, Sha Danshan was tentatively awarded the Majesty emblem.[3][6]

Known Members[]


Kessai's accessory (Railgun Ch131)

Kessai's phone accessory.

  • During her initial full debut and prior to the reveal that she was related to the Takebayashi family,[2][3] Kessai Kiyoshi was shown to have a phone accessory with a crescent moon and rabbit design,[2] symbols later revealed to be associated with the Takebayashi family.[1]