Accelerator and Misaki are not champions of sympathy, that's for sure, but they have also done many good deeds that should not be ignored, even if not always acting with ethical methods. What I'm complaining about is that she's still too childish, maintaining her immature belief that she's a good girl and that other people she doesn't like are bad.
I think it's Kamachi Kazuma's fault for raising this wall of hatred and misunderstanding between levels 5, only to convince the reader that the only good and fair ideology would be that of Kamijo Touma and he and the only one capable of uniting them all in circumstances issues.
I am sure that with a bit of strategy she can solve problems without resorting to all her powers, but I have made a comparison with the other characters in the series (above all of the magic side) that are superior to her in terms of skill, yet she is convinced of being one of the strongest people ever until the clash with the High Priest when he finally changes a little attitude.

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