Tamezou (タメゾウ?) is a minor character introduced in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime. He is a member of the Skill-Out faction Big Spider in both of its incarnations.


He has straight brown hair that reaches up to his shoulders. He also has Sanpaku eyes.


He previously followed the ideals of Kurozuma Wataru,[2] but when he apparently died he turned his back on them and followed Tsuguo's example.


He is a member of Big Spider during Kurozuma Wataru's reign as leader. He was present when Konori Mii discovered Big Spider's scuffle with another group to save a little boy.[2]

After Wataru's apparent death, he stayed as a member of the Big Spider that was remade by Hebitani Tsuguo who became the new leader of the group using Wataru's name.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Big Spider ArcEdit

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He is first seen harassing Kongou Mitsuko trying to provoke her alongside other members of Big Spider, they use Capacity Down on her to weaken but she is saved by the arrival of Kurozuma Wataru. He and his group are beaten by Wataru and are later taken into custody by Anti-Skill. He is last seen carried on a stretcher by Anti-Skill where he is noticed by Konori Mii who is now a member of Judgment.[1]


He has no abilities but is probably a skilled street fighter.


Big Spider

Kurozuma Wataru Hebitani Tsuguo Tamezou Konori
Kurozuma Wataru Hebitani Tsuguo Tamezou Konori Mii
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